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Vegetation of the Czech Republic

Association TFB01
Airetum praecocis Krausch 1967

Airetum praecocis

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Species-poor stands of the low-growing annual grass Aira praecox occur on acidic sandy soils with a slightly higher content of humus and fine soil particles than is typical of sand dunes. The habitats are usually trampled or disturbed in the top soil. This association is most frequent in areas with suboceanic climate and poor sandy deposits, especially in the Doksy region of northern Bohemia. It has been also rarely recorded along the Labe river, in the Třeboň basin of southern Bohemia, and elsewhere.

Orig. (Krausch 1967): Airetum praecocis

Syn.: Corynephoretum canescentis Schwickerath 1944 (§ 3f), Airetum praecocis (Schwickerath 1944) Krausch 1967

Diagnostic species: Agrostis capillaris, Aira praecox, Cerastium semidecandrum, Filago minima, Spergula morisonii, Spergularia rubra, Veronica verna, Vulpia myuros

Constant species: Agrostis capillaris, Aira praecox, Festuca rubra agg., Poa annua, Spergula morisonii; Ceratodon purpureus

Dominant species: Aira praecox

Formal definition: Aira praecox cover > 5 %

Source: Černý T. & Sádlo J. (2007): TFB01 Airetum praecocis Krausch 1967. In: Chytrý M. (ed.), Vegetace České republiky. 1. Travinná a keříčková vegetace [Vegetation of the Czech Republic. 1. Grassland and Heathland Vegetation]. Academia, Praha, pp. 338-341.