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Vegetation of the Czech Republic

Alliance THF
Bromion erecti Koch 1926

This alliance includes semi-dry grasslands of suboceanic distribution which lack several species of submediterranean or continental distribution. It occurs mainly in the western part of Central Europe and in areas of western Europe with subcontinental climate. The Bromion erecti grasslands form secondary vegetation types at sites of potential beech or oak-hornbeam forests. The dominating species of these mostly closed grasslands are usually Brachypodium pinnatum or Bromus erectus, the former being favoured by grazing or short-term abandonment, the latter by mowing, respectively. The stands that have been lightly grazed or mown can be very rich in species, however, they can be quickly invaded by shrubs and trees after abandonment.

Orig. (Koch 1926): Assoziationsverband Bromion erecti

Syn.: Meso-Bromion erecti (Br.-Bl. et Moor 1938) Oberdorfer 1949

Diagnostic species: Anthyllis vulneraria, Brachypodium pinnatum, Carlina acaulis, Centaurea scabiosa, Cirsium pannonicum, Festuca rupicola, Fragaria viridis, Helianthemum grandiflorum subsp. obscurum, Hypochaeris maculata, Knautia arvensis agg., Koeleria pyramidata, Lathyrus latifolius, Linum catharticum, Phleum phleoides, Plantago media, Polygala comosa, Potentilla heptaphylla, P. tabernaemontani, Sanguisorba minor, Securigera varia, Thymus pulegioides, Trifolium montanum, T. rubens; Thuidium abietinum

Constant species: Achillea millefolium agg., Arrhenatherum elatius, Brachypodium pinnatum, Briza media, Carlina acaulis, Centaurea scabiosa, Dactylis glomerata, Euphorbia cyparissias, Festuca rupicola, Fragaria viridis, Galium verum agg. (G. verum s. str.), Helianthemum grandiflorum subsp. obscurum, Hypericum perforatum, Knautia arvensis agg., Koeleria pyramidata, Leontodon hispidus, Linum catharticum, Lotus corniculatus, Pimpinella saxifraga, Plantago lanceolata, P. media, Poa pratensis s. l., Potentilla tabernaemontani, Sanguisorba minor, Securigera varia, Thymus pulegioides; Thuidium abietinum

Source: Chytrý M. & Novák J. (2007): THF Bromion erecti Koch 1926. In: Chytrý M. (ed.), Vegetace České republiky. 1. Travinná a keříčková vegetace [Vegetation of the Czech Republic. 1. Grassland and Heathland Vegetation]. Academia, Praha, pp. 443-444.