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Vegetation of the Czech Republic

Association VAA03
Lemnetum minori-turioniferae (Wolff et Jentsch 1992) Passarge 1996

Lemnetum minori-turioniferae

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This vegetation type is dominated by Lemna turionifera, a tiny plant freely floating on the water surface. Its stands are usually monospecific or mixed with other lemnids. Sometimes, especially in autumn, the stands of L. turionifera have a purple colour. Lemna turionifera is a neophyte of North American origin, which was first recorded in the Czech Republic in the 1990s. This association has been recorded at a few sites with shallow still water, but its distribution in the country is probably larger than recorded, because L. turionifera may have been mistaken for L. minor at many sites.

Orig. (Passarge 1996): Lemnetum minori-turioniferae Wolff et Jentsch (92) ass. nov.

Syn.: Lemnetum trisulcae (Kehlhofer 1915) Knapp et Stoffers 1962 lemnetosum turioniferae Wolff et Jentsch 1992

Diagnostic species: Lemna gibba, L. turionifera

Constant species: Lemna gibba, L. turionifera, Spirodela polyrhiza

Dominant species: Lemna minor, L. turionifera, Spirodela polyrhiza

Formal definition: Lemna turionifera cover > 50 % NOT Phragmites australis cover > 25 % NOT Typha latifolia cover > 25 %

Source: Šumberová K. (2011): VAA03 Lemnetum minori-turioniferae (Wolff et Jentsch 1992) Passarge 1996. In: Chytrý M. (ed.), Vegetace České republiky. 3. Vodní a mokřadní vegetace [Vegetation of the Czech Republic 3. Aquatic and wetland vegetation]. Academia, Praha, pp. 52-54.