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Vegetation of the Czech Republic

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Najadetum marinae Fukarek 1961

Najadetum marinae

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This vegetation type is dominated by Najas marina, a submerged aquatic species growing in dense stands on the bottom of still water bodies, and rarely of streams. It occurs mainly in man-made habitats in early successional stages such as fishponds and flooded sand pits. It occurs in mesotrophic to eutrophic, calcium-rich, often brackish water, which is on average deeper than that in sites with occurrences of N. minor (most often 0.4–1.2 m). This vegetation type occurs at scattered sites in the Czech lowlands and in colline landscapes.

Nomen conservandum propositum (against Najadeto-Potametum acutifolii SlavniŠ 1956)

Orig. (Fukarek 1961): Najadetum marinae (Libbert 1932) nov. Ass.

Syn.: Najadetum marinae Libbert 1932 (fantom), Najadeto-Potametum acutifolii SlavniŠ 1956 (potential correct name), Potamo-Najadetum HorvatiŠ et Micevski in HorvatiŠ 1963 p. p., Najadetum marinae Philippi 1969

Diagnostic species: Batrachium circinatum. Myriophyllum spicatum, Najas marina, Potamogeton crispus. P. lucens. P. pectinatus. P. pusillus agg. (P. pusillus s. str.)

Constant species: Myriophyllum spicatum, Najas marina

Dominant species: Najas marina

Formal definition: Najas marina cover > 25 %

Source: ęumberovß K. (2011): VBB16 Najadetum marinae Fukarek 1961. In: Chytrř M. (ed.), Vegetace ╚eskÚ republiky. 3. VodnÝ a mok°adnÝ vegetace [Vegetation of the Czech Republic 3. Aquatic and wetland vegetation]. Academia, Praha, pp. 186-190.