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Vegetation of the Czech Republic

Association VBB21
Potametum pusilli von Soó 1927

Potametum pusilli

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This vegetation include species-poor submerged stands of Potamogeton berchtoldii or P. pusillus, which often grow across the entire water column. It occurs in mesotrophic to eutrophic, clear water of varying depth, particularly in shallow parts of fishponds, in fish storage ponds, flooded sand pits and quarries, and in channels and rivers, especially along their lower courses. These habitats are usually either disturbed or in an early stage of succession. This association is common from the lowlands to submontane areas across the Czech Republic.

Orig. (von Soó 1927): Potametum pusilli

Syn.: Potametum panormitano-graminei Koch 1926 (§ 36, nomen ambiguum), Potametum berchtoldii Krasovskaja 1959, Potamo pusilli.Ceratophylletum demersi Janković 1974 p. p., Potametum pusilli Hejný 1978 (fantom), Potametum berchtoldii Wijsmen et al. 1995

Diagnostic species: Potamogeton pusillus agg.

Constant species: Lemna minor, Potamogeton pusillus agg.

Dominant species: Potamogeton pusillus agg.

Formal definition: Potamogeton pusillus agg. cover > 50 % NOT Potamogeton alpinus cover > 25 % NOT Sagittaria sagittifolia cover > 25 % NOT Zannichellia palustris cover > 5 %

Source: Šumberová K. (2011): VBB21 Potametum pusilli von Soó 1927. In: Chytrý M. (ed.), Vegetace České republiky. 3. Vodní a mokřadní vegetace [Vegetation of the Czech Republic 3. Aquatic and wetland vegetation]. Academia, Praha, pp. 202-205.