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Vegetation of the Czech Republic

Alliance XBE
Oxalidion fontanae Passarge 1978

This alliance includes weed vegetation in cereal fields, root-crop cultures and kitchen gardens. It is widespread across most of Europe and is also found in continental Siberia. In the Czech Republic it occurs from the lowlands to the montane belt on nutrient-rich, neutral to slightly acidic soils which are wetter than those of the alliances Veronico-Euphorbion or Scleranthion annui.

Nomen mutatum propositum

Orig. (Passarge 1978): Oxalidion europaeae (Görs 67) all. nov. (Oxalis europaea = O. fontana)

Syn.: Spergulo-Oxalidion Görs in Oberdorfer et al. 1967 (§ 2b, nomen nudum), Polygono-Chenopodion polyspermi sensu auct. non Koch 1926 (pseudonym)

Diagnostic and constant species: see association Echinochloo cruris-galli-Chenopodietum polyspermi

Source: Otýpková Z. (2009): XBE Oxalidion fontanae Passarge 1978. In: Chytrý M. (ed.), Vegetace České republiky. 2. Ruderální, plevelová, skalní a su»ová vegetace [Vegetation of the Czech Republic 2. Ruderal, weed, rock and scree vegetation]. Academia, Praha, pp. 122-123.