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Vegetation of the Czech Republic

Alliance XBH
Sisymbrion officinalis Tüxen et al. ex von Rochow 1951

This alliance includes stands of medium-tall winter-annual grasses, e.g. Bromus sterilis. B. tectorum and Hordeum murinum; it includes some ancient, archaeophytic, ruderal vegetation types. These species rapidly colonize recently disturbed or exposed habitats around construction sites, in settlements, on roadsides, at the margins of shrubberies or on the tops of walls. The phenological optimum of this thermophilous and drought-adapted vegetation type is in spring.

Orig. (von Rochow 1951): Sisymbrion officinalis Tx., Lohm., Prsg. 1950

Syn.: Hordeo-Onopordion Libbert 1932 p. p. (§ 35), Sisymbrion officinalis Tüxen et al. in Tüxen 1950 (§ 2b, nomen nudum), Bromo-Hordeion murini Hejný 1978

Diagnostic species: Bromus hordeaceus, B. sterilis, B. tectorum, Hordeum murinum, Lactuca serriola. Lepidium ruderale. Sisymbrium officinale

Constant species: Artemisia vulgaris. Bromus sterilis. Capsella bursa-pastoris. Hordeum murinum. Taraxacum sect. Ruderalia

Source: Lososová Z. (2009): XBH Sisymbrion officinalis Tüxen et al. ex von Rochow 1951. In: Chytrý M. (ed.), Vegetace České republiky. 2. Ruderální, plevelová, skalní a su»ová vegetace [Vegetation of the Czech Republic 2. Ruderal, weed, rock and scree vegetation]. Academia, Praha, pp. 163-164.