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Vegetation of the Czech Republic

Association XCA02
Salvio nemorosae-Marrubietum peregrini Mucina 1981

Salvio nemorosae-Marrubietum peregrini

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This vegetation is dominated by the south-eastern European species Marrubium peregrinum, which is critically endangered in the Czech Republic. It occurs in dry ruderal habitats in villages, e.g. in lawns in which domestic fowl are kept, on village squares, on building rubble, at the bases of walls and along roads. It is an archaeophytic community that was more frequent in the past but which has declined in recent decades. Currently it occurs on a few sites in southern Moravia.

Orig. (Mucina 1981a): Salvio-Marrubietum peregrini ass. nova

Syn.: Marrubio peregrini-Salvietum nemorosae Eliáš 1981 (§ 33, homonym of the same age)

Diagnostic species: Artemisia absinthium, Berteroa incana. Cannabis sativa s. l., Eryngium campestre. Festuca rupicola, Marrubium peregrinum, Reseda lutea, Salvia nemorosa

Constant species: Achillea millefolium agg. (A. collina), Arrhenatherum elatius. Artemisia absinthium. A. vulgaris. Convolvulus arvensis. Elytrigia repens. Eryngium campestre. Festuca rupicola, Marrubium peregrinum, Reseda lutea. Salvia nemorosa

Dominant species: Festuca rupicola, Marrubium peregrinum, Salvia nemorosa

Formal definition: Marrubium peregrinum cover > 5 % NOT Artemisia absinthium cover > 25 %

Source: Láníková D. (2009): XCA02 Salvio nemorosae-Marrubietum peregrini Mucina 1981. In: Chytrý M. (ed.), Vegetace České republiky. 2. Ruderální, plevelová, skalní a suťová vegetace [Vegetation of the Czech Republic 2. Ruderal, weed, rock and scree vegetation]. Academia, Praha, pp. 214-216.