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Melilotetum albo-officinalis Sissingh 1950

Melilotetum albo-officinalis

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This vegetation type is dominated by the ruderal hemicryptophytes Melilotus albus, M. officinalis or Echium vulgare. It occurs on shallow, well drained soils with high gravel content and low availability of nutrients. It can develop in natural habitats of gravelly or sandy alluvial deposits, but it is more common in anthropogenic habitats such as dumping sites, quarries, gravel or sand pits, road or railway banks or disturbed places around roads or construction sites. In the Czech Republic it occurs from the lowlands to submontane areas.

Orig. (Sissingh 1950): Melilotetum albi-officinalis Sissingh 1950 ass. nov.

Syn.: Echio-Melilotetum Tüxen 1947 (§ 3f), Echio-Verbascetum Sissingh 1950 (§ 25), Artemisio-Melilotetum albi Hadač 1978

Diagnostic species: Artemisia vulgaris. Daucus carota, Melilotus albus, M. officinalis. Oenothera biennis s. l.

Constant species: Achillea millefolium agg., Artemisia vulgaris, Cirsium arvense. Daucus carota. Elytrigia repens. Medicago lupulina, Melilotus albus, M. officinalis. Plantago lanceolata. P. major. Tanacetum vulgare. Taraxacum sect. Ruderalia. Tripleurospermum inodorum

Dominant species: Artemisia vulgaris, Daucus carota, Echium vulgare, Melilotus albus, M. officinalis

Formal definition: Melilotus albus cover > 25 % OR Melilotus officinalis cover > 25 % OR (Echium vulgare cover > 25 % AND Group Melilotus albus)

Source: Láníková D. (2009): XCB01 Melilotetum albo-officinalis Sissingh 1950. In: Chytrý M. (ed.), Vegetace České republiky. 2. Ruderální, plevelová, skalní a su»ová vegetace [Vegetation of the Czech Republic 2. Ruderal, weed, rock and scree vegetation]. Academia, Praha, pp. 228-231.