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Vegetation of the Czech Republic

Association XCD01
Agropyro cristati-Kochietum prostratae Zólyomi 1958

Agropyro cristati-Kochietum prostratae

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This vegetation type occurs in small fragmentary stands on steep loess slopes and contains relict species of the Pleistocene cold steppes such as Agropyron pectinatum, Kochia prostrata, Taraxacum serotinum and Krascheninnikovia ceratoides, the latter occurring only outside the Czech Republic. On most sites this vegetation is maintained open by disturbances such as soil erosion, burrowing rabbits or vineyard hoeing. In the past this vegetation was found on a few sites in southern Moravia, of which only two have been preserved.

Orig. (Zólyomi 1958): Agropyro-Kochietum prostratae .Agropyron cristatum = A. pectinatum)

Diagnostic species: Agropyron pectinatum, Camelina microcarpa, Falcaria vulgaris, Kochia prostrata, Salvia nemorosa, Stipa capillata

Constant species: Artemisia campestris. Camelina microcarpa. Eryngium campestre. Falcaria vulgaris. Kochia prostrata, Salvia nemorosa, Stipa capillata

Dominant species: Stipa capillata

Formal definition: Agropyron pectinatum cover > 5 % OR Kochia prostrata cover > 5 %

Source: Chytrý M. (2009): XCD01 Agropyro cristati-Kochietum prostratae Zólyomi 1958. In: Chytrý M. (ed.), Vegetace České republiky. 2. Ruderální, plevelová, skalní a su»ová vegetace [Vegetation of the Czech Republic 2. Ruderal, weed, rock and scree vegetation]. Academia, Praha, pp. 273-275.