Arrangement of Strain Data


  1. Micrococcus luteus (Schroeter 1872) Cohn 1872AL
  2. CCM 169T= AJ 1009 = ATCC 4698 = CCTM La 2979 = CCUG 5858 = CIP A270 = CNCTC M 15/65 = DSM 20030 = IAM 1056 = IFO 3333 = JCM 1464 = LMD 78.1 = LMG 4050 = NCDO 947 = NCIMB 9278 = NCTC 2665 = NRRL B-287
  3. < J.B. Evans (Micrococcus lysodeikticus) < ATCC < A. Fleming
  4. Fresh water, U.S.A. (360)
  5. Type (3108); T of Micrococcus lysodeikticus (2538)
  6. Assay of lysozyme (1421)
  7. Medium 1, 30°C.


  1. Present scientific name with author(s). Names are valid only when listed in the ”Approved Lists of Bacterial Names” (4895), indicated by AL, or when validly published since then in the International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology, either by original publication or quotation in the validation lists, indicated by VP. Names in quotation marks (” ”) denote that the name has not been validly published.
  2. CCM strain number and synonymous collection and author’s numbers. Full names of the collections are in Abbreviations of collections and institutions.
  3. Chronological history of the strain before its deposition in CCM. The name, under which the strain was deposited, is in brackets, if it differs from the current name.
  4. Source of isolation, possibly place of origin of the strain with number of reference in brackets.
  5. Indication of actual type strain, serovar or biovar with reference(s) in brackets; indication of type strain with previous valid scientific name of the strain.
  6. Basic additional information(s) together with the reference number(s).
  7. Recommended medium(a) and growth conditions for propagation and maintenance of the strain upon receipt.

Catalogue of cultures - bacteria