Deinococcus radiodurans Brooks and Murray 1981VP

CCM 1700T

Other numbers: ATCC 13939, CCTM La 3411, DSM 20539, IFO 15346, LMG 4051, NCIMB 9279, UWO 288, A.W. Anderson R1.
Taxonomic status: Type strain.
History: < R.G.E. Murray (Micrococcus radiodurans) < A.W. Anderson.
Isolated from: Irradiated ground pork and beef; Oregon, USA.
Additional information: Type (4972). Radiation resistant: withstands 6.0 Mrad (411). 2 colony types, identical using rep-PCR.
Cultivation conditions: Medium 1 or 8, 30C.

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