Acidovorax delafieldii (Davis et al. 1970) Willems et al. 1990VP

CCM 3589T

Other numbers: ATCC 17505, CCUG 1779, DSM 64, DSM 50263, DSM 50403, LMG 5943, NCIMB 11476, F. Delafield Berk FD-6, R.Y. Stanier 133.
Taxonomic status: Type strain.
History: < CCUG (Pseudomonas delafieldii) < ATCC < R.Y. Stanier < F. Delafield Berk.
Isolated from: Soil with poly-ß-hydroxybutyrate as sole carbon source; Sweden, Göteborg.
Additional information: Type (5809).
Cultivation conditions: Medium 71, 25°C.

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