Carnobacterium maltaromaticum (Miller et al. 1974) Mora et al. 2003VP

CCM 3842

Other numbers: ATCC 35586, CCUG 34645, CIP 103158, DSM 20730, IFO 15684, JCM 5348, LMG 9839, NCDO 2762, NCIMB 2264, J.L. Fryer B270.
History: < J.L. Fryer (Lactobacillus piscicola).
Isolated from: Kidney tissue of diseased cutthroat trout (Salmo clarki); USA., Oregon, Bandon Trout Hatchery Coos County.
Additional information: (6645); Type of Carnobacterium piscicola (5596). Pathogenic for salmonid fishes (5392).
Cultivation conditions: Medium 71, 20-25C, microaerophilic.

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