Rhodococcus erythropolis (Gray and Thornton 1928) Goodfellow and Alderson 1979AL

CCM 4446

Other numbers: DSM 6344, LMG 28633, strain HA1.
History: < J. Damborský (redeposition) < D.B. Janssen.
Isolated from: Soil.
Additional information: Synonym, Type of Rhodococcus degradans (7358),. Production of dehalogenases (5976,6452,6474); 1-chlorohexane halidohydrolase (5977). Degradation of 1-chloro-, 1-bromo- and 1-iodoalkanes (5976,5977,5978). BioSample Acc. no. SAMD00253236. 16S rDNA sequence number JQ776649.
Cultivation conditions: Medium 8 or 96, 30°C.

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