Methylobacterium organophilum Patt et al. 1976AL

CCM 4460T

Other numbers: ATCC 27886, CIP 101049, DSM 760, IFO 15689, JCM 2833, LMG 6083, NCIMB 11278, R.S. Hanson strain XX, T. Urakami TK 0047.
Taxonomic status: Type strain.
History: < LMG < NCIMB < ATCC < R.S. Hanson.
Isolated from: Lake Mendota sediment; USA, Madison.
Additional information: Type (5484). Facultative methylotroph (5747); appears to have lost the ability to grow on methane.
Cultivation conditions: Medium 72 with 1% filter-sterilized methanol, 25-30C.

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