Paenibacillus larvae (White 1906) Ash et al. 1994 emend. Genersch et al. 2006VP

CCM 4483

Other numbers: LMG 16147, V. Drobníková 2107.
History: < V. Drobníková (Paenibacillus larvae subsp. larvae).
Isolated from: Dry scale, dead larva; Czech Republic, Boskovice, Újezd.
Additional information: Identification (7115). Produces bacteriophage BLA (6028) and BL2 (6027); lysogenic growth; sensitive to bacteriophage BLA 144 and tylosine (V. Drobníková, pers. comm.). Nomenclature (6866).
Cultivation conditions: Medium 98, 37°C.

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