Streptococcus pneumoniae (Klein 1884) Chester 1901AL

CCM 4501

Other numbers: ATCC 49619, CCUG 33638, CIP 104340, CNCTC 5043, DSM 11967, LMG 21598, NCTC 12977, J.H. Jorgensen 262.
History: < CCUG < ATCC < J.H. Jorgensen < M. Saubolle.
Isolated from: Sputum, 75-year-old male; USA, Arizona, Phoenix.
Additional information: Reference strain for antimicrobial disk-susceptibility tests (NCCLS M2-A5) and dilution antimicrobial susceptibility tests (NCCLS M7-A3); antimicrobial susceptibility quality control with seven veterinary antimicrobials (6453); control strain for bacitracin H, optochin, vankomycin, colistin.. Biohazard group 2.
Cultivation conditions: Medium 91, 37C, 5% CO2.

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