Listeria monocytogenes (Murray et al. 1926) Pirie 1940AL

CCM 5576

Other numbers: ATCC 35152, CCUG 15527, CECT 5873, CIP 104794, DSM 102976, JCM 7671, LMG 13304, NCAIM B.01371, NCTC 7973, SLCC 2371, WDCM 00109, S. Paterson LS/2, strain 58 XXIII.
History: < H.P.R. Seeliger < J. S. Paterson.
Isolated from: Guinea pig mesenteric lymph node.
Additional information: Serovar 1/2a. Media testing. Contains two phenotypes: hemolytic, virulent colonies and nonvirulent, nonhemolytic colonies on brain heart infusion agar with 5% rabbit blood (5641), both colony types are serotype 1/2a. Biohazard group 2.
Cultivation conditions: Medium 2 or 31, 37C.

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