Acinetobacter colistiniresistens Nemec et al. 2017VP

CCM 8641T

Other numbers: CIP 110478, CCUG 67966, CNCTC 7573, strain NIPH 2036.
Taxonomic status: Type strain.
History: < A. Nýmec, National Institute of Public Health <Phillippe J.M. Bouvet (Institute Pasteur, France) under no. 1191 (Bouvet & Jeanjean 1989).
Isolated from: Catheter (human); Belgium.
Additional information: Type (7429), taxonomy (7345,7369). Biohazard group 2. Strong haemolysis on agar media with sheep erythrocytes, strong liquefaction of gelatin, high level of resistance to polymyxins.
Sequence numbers: WGS: ATGK00000000, gyrB: ATGK01000017, rpoB: ATGK01000001.
Cultivation conditions: Medium 71, 30░C.

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