Acinetobacter colistiniresistens Nemec et al. 2017VP

CCM 8641T

Other numbers: CIP 110478, CCUG 67966, CNCTC 7573, strain NIPH 2036.
Taxonomic status: Type strain.
History: < A. Nýmec, National Institute of Public Health <Phillippe J.M. Bouvet (Institute Pasteur, France) under no. 1191 (Bouvet & Jeanjean 1989).
Isolated from: catheter (human); Belgium.
Additional information: Type (7429). Biohazard group 2. Strong haemolysis on agar media with sheep erythrocytes, strong liquefaction of gelatin, high level of resistance to polymyxins. Whole genome sequence accesion number ATGK00000000, complete gyrB and rpoB gene sequences numbers ATGK01000017 and TGK01000001.
Cultivation conditions: Medium 71, 30░C.

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