Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae O'Hara et al. 1990 emend. Hoffmann et al. 2005VP

CCM 8660T

Other numbers: CCUG 53905, CIP 108490, DSM 16687, strain EN-314.
Taxonomic status: Type strain.
History: < DSMZ < H. Hoffmann, Institute of Microbiology, Pneumological Teaching Hospital of the University of Munich < S. Ziesing, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover.
Isolated from: mouth swab of 2 year-old infant; Germany, Hannover.
Additional information: Type (7360). Biohazard group 2. 16S rDNA sequence number AJ853889.
Cultivation conditions: Medium 71, 37C.

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