FRESHERS: Skills for Research Career (PhD course)

Lectures within FRESHERS deal with topics that doctoral students and young emerging researchers will need to face while building their scientific careers.

The course aims to offer a general overview of topics such as the possibilities of foreign exchanges within the framework of PhD studies, preparation and funding of research projects, publication ethics, science and research results communication, intellectual property, etc. Thus, the skills and abilities of young scientists useful for international projects and research structures should be gained and strengthened.

Registration for FRESHERS is available here.
• All lectures will be in English.
• The length of the lectures is 1,5 hours.
• In case of 80% attendance (6 from 8), the student will be given 3 ECTS.
• The course is primarily designed for PhD candidates who are at the beginning of their studies (1.–4. semester).

In case you attend the course FRESHERS you gain the opportunity to participate in practical WORKSHOPS where all the topics will be discussed in more detail.

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