An initiative of Česká hlava

Česká hlava and the Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Confederation of Industry and Transport, the Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and other business associations, have established a new project entitled ‘the Connector project’.

19 May 2020

In principle the project is simple, it simply requires that a short abstract of a scientific project be sent via the intranet lines of these business associations, allowing it to reach thousands of business entities.

How to get involved in the project?
Just send a short abstract of your project. It does not have to be a project that is already complete and ready for transition to practice, it can be a project that is still at the research or initial development stage, but where you see the potential for a commercial entity to fully or partially finance the next stages of the project. The scope and content of the abstract is not limited but should at least include the overall aims of the project and the developmental stage reached, e.g. whether it is in the basic laboratory verification, prototype or pilot plant phase. If researchers are interested in this form of support, please send an abstract to Mrs. Mgr. Hana Půstová,, at the Technology Transfer Centre.

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