Brno City Award

2 Aug 2022 Jana Procházková

The Brno City Council annually awards the Brno City Award for an important activity or work that has enriched one or more areas of public life and thus contributed to strengthening the good name of the city of Brno.

The award is given in the following areas:

  • technical sciences
  • science
  • medical science and pharmacy
  • social sciences
  • architecture and urbanism
  • fine art and design
  • music
  • literary activity
  • journalism and journalism
  • dramatic art
  • sport
  • international cooperation of the city of Brno
  • merits for freedom and democracy
  • extraordinary contribution to the city of Brno
  • in memoriam.

In each of these areas, only one prize can be awarded each year, per individual, pair or team. The winner will receive a diploma of the Brno City Award and a sculpture by Miroslava Šobrová "Brno City Award". As part of the award, each of the laureates will receive a financial gift from the budget of the Statutory City of Brno in the amount of CZK 20,000.

The deadline for submission of complete application proposals if you would like to use the nomination support on behalf of the MU Rector is August 10, 2022. Proposals for the Brno City Award should be submitted to the Brno City Hall by August 31.

Further information can be found on the Competitions and awards website.

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