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There are no changes in the in-person presence of students at the Faculty. The in-person presence of students is allowed for participation in clinical and practical teaching and practice for students of study programs in general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and other medical study programs and students performing pedagogical practical teaching and practice in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools or school facilities for institutional and protective education. The in-person consultations are allowed (one student and one academic employee). The in-person presence of students at the exams is allowed, with a maximum of 10 people present. The in-person presence of students at the entrance examinations is allowed, with a maximum of 10 people present. The in-person presence of other students in the buildings of Faculty of Science is still not permitted. 

2 Mar 2021 Roman Čermák

Presence at the workplace is possible only in necessary cases, while respirators or masks are mandatory.

When traveling to work between regions and districts, employees have a confirmation that their workplace is in Brno. The confirmation can be generated in the COVID-19 Prevention application of INET - Employer confirmation.

The government has now ordered employers to make the most of using the home office. The heads of departments will decide whether the presence at work is necessary.

If presence at the workplace is essential, employees must (ideally) have FFP2, KN95 respirators, or surgical masks that meet the standard in MU buildings. Cloth face masks are prohibited. The head of the department shall determine the circle of employees to whom the employer will provide protective equipment in connection with the necessary performance of work, including the form of their distribution.

It is necessary to avoid contact between employees as much as possible, i.e., employees should not meet. Work meetings are only allowed online, one person in the office - if 2 people are needed, they must have a respirator.

Staff testing is not yet mandatory for universities. At present, we try primarily to ensure the vaccination of all acad and non-acad employees. Masaryk University's management appeals to prioritize vaccination against COVID-19 among its employees due to the accelerated renewal of full-time teaching. To negotiate with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, data collection is prepared for the potential interest in vaccinations among our employees. The survey is open in the COVID-19 Prevention application vaccination survey in the INET system under the button. Fill out the questionnaire for interest in vaccination. We ask all employees to actively participate in the rapid data collection by Thursday, March 4, 2021

Canteens operate as before - for further information please visit the Accommodation and catering Services website.

The mail room will be open on Kotlářská only Monday-Thursday 13-14, at UKB unchanged.

The cashier's office at Kotlářská will be opened on Wednesday from 9-12.

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