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Representative Ball

The MU Association of Scientists (Spolek přírodovědců MU) in cooperation with the Faculty of Science of MU would like to to invite all students, staff, faculty supporters and other distinguished guests to the traditional Representative Ball of the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University.

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Open Days at SCI MUNI attracted 900 students from all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia

More than 900 students and 200 parents from all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia visited the Open Days of the Faculty of Science of MU, which took place on Saturday, January 21 and Tuesday, January 24 at the University Campus in Bohunice and the Kotlářská campus. All our institutes opened the doors of their halls, lecture halls and laboratories. The guarantors of all disciplines prepared their own program, presentations and discussions with students.



The faculty has invested a lot in me. I want to return to the Czech Republic in the future and pass on the benefits of that investment

As a postdoctoral researcher at the Moffitt Cancer Center, NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center based in Tampa, Florida, Standa is investigating the processes by which cancer cells “fall asleep” and “reawaken”. In this interview, he explains how the focus of his early studies – the ability to design research programmes – has helped him early in his career as a scientist.

Interview with S. Drápela

Vítězslav Otruba receives the Bronze Medal of MU

The Masaryk University Bronze Medal for Lifetime Achievement was officially presented to Professor Emeritus Vítězslav Otruba by the Dean of the Faculty Tomáš Kašparovský.

Vítězslav Otruba is the founder of research and teaching in the field of atomic spectrometry at the Analytical Chemistry Unit (today's Department of Chemistry) at Masaryk University's Faculty of Science. His scientific and pedagogical activities are associated with achievements that represent a significant contribution to the field of analytical chemistry on an international scale.

Science and Research

Thanks to RECETOX, Masaryk University hosts World Health Organization Collaborating Centre

Hans Kluge, Director of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, sent a notification of the appointment of the RECETOX Centre of the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University as the fourth WHO Collaborating Centre in the Czech Republic.

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To Nobel Prize through foreign internships

Students from Czech universities do have the chance to achieve the best scientific results and work in top international teams under the guidance of Nobel Prize winners. However, young people should build international contacts during their studies abroad and improve their language skills, says Ctirad Hofr, Vice Dean for Internationalisation. He personally completed an international internship with Nobel Prize winner Thomas R. Cech, with whom he has been friends ever since.

Interview with Ctirad Hofr


We try to make students feel like they are in their own living room here

For more than thirteen years, Taťána Škarková has been running the Faculty of Science’s Central Library on Kotlářské Street. Before that, she also worked for thirteen years at the Municipal Library in Moravsky Krumlov, where she originally comes from. After thirteen years she is definitely not thinking of another change, despite commuting over two hours a day to work. Working in the library still keeps her fulfilled and amused, and she happy to have a great team of colleagues to work with.

Interview with T. Škarková

Science and Research

Lightning Revolution. The luminous enzyme "luciferase" could replace electric light bulbs

A light bulb. A simple device converting electricity into light. Thomas Edison's revolutionary invention has made our daily lives easier for over 140 years. But can the light bulb be replaced? Yes, it can. Scientists Martin Marek and Martin Toul from the Loschmidt Laboratories, RECETOX, Faculty of Science, MUNI have described an innovative and sustainable way to produce light. They have clarified the mysterious illumination mechanism of the sea cnidarians' luciferase, Renilla reinformis, which could light up our streets in the future.

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Science and Research

Expedition heads to Antarctica

On 27 January, researchers from Masaryk University left on this year’s expedition to Antarctica. They first headed to Chile, where they then flew to King George Island. Part of the Czech Antarctic Research Program expedition will spend two months at the Czech J. G. Mendel Scientific Station on James Ross Island. A second smaller group will spend more than two weeks working on Nelson Island.

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Science and Research

Why plants live together and how an intruder can most easily penetrate them

Functional and phylogenetic relationship of plant species helps Zdeňka Lososová, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University in Brno, to determine which plants can live together in one plant community. Thanks to this, for example, it is possible to estimate whether the introduced non-native species will take hold in the place, or even if it will not become a danger to the native plants. Associate Professor Lososová's research project was nominated for the Award of the Chairman of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic last year.

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MUNI Mendel Doctorandus welcomes the new semester with new students and a brand-new logo

The MUNI Mendel Doctorandus programme for talented PhD students opened another admission procedure in January 2023. A total of 14 students across the faculties of the Bohunice Campus and CEITEC applied. There are, therefore, now a total of 57 students who are members of the MMD family. The next round of admissions will be open in September 2023.

Another innovation in the new semester is a dedicated logo for the MMD programme, which has been created in collaboration with the MU Rector's Office to identify the programme from the outset and link it to J. G. Mendel as the father of genetics.

The Association is preparing a programme to involve PhD students in teaching science subjects

Involving PhD students in the teaching of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology in secondary and primary schools will help address the risk of a shortage of teachers for these subjects. Representatives of science faculties and representatives of the ministry agreed on the preparation of a programme that will motivate doctoral students in relevant fields to supplement their teaching qualifications while studying at science faculties at a meeting of the association on 10-11 January 2023 in Prague.

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Dominik Hrebík receives the Medal of the Ministery of Education, Youth and Sports

The Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Vladimír Balaš, and the Deputy of the Higher Education, Science and Research Section, Radka Wildová, have presented a series of awards to outstanding scientists, educators and students. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports presented awards to 18 laureates in five categories. Dominik Hrebík, a graduate of our faculty, received the Medal of the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports for ‘outstanding students and graduates in a study program and an extraordinary deeds by students’. Congratulations!

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Breathtaking images from 10 years of research with the Mira3 SEM microscope at CEPLANT: Exhibition on the dean's office staircase

Want to see breathtaking images captured by a scanning electron microscope? Come and see the gallery on the staircase of the dean's office at Kotlářské, where you can see an exhibition presenting the research of the CEPLANT center.

OIKT has a new contact

Do you have an IT problem or a general tech question? Contact the OIKT (Office for Information and Communications Technologies) via the new email it@sci.muni.cz.

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Czech Antarctic Research Program presents its activities in the Campus Corridor Gallery

Come to campus to see 15 posters about the unique research activities of the Czech Antarctic Research Program.


Collection box for toners and cartridges

At Kotlářská, we have a new collection box for used original toners and ink cartridges. This box is used for charitable purposes, and you can get involved too.

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E-mail Signature Generator

Did you know that there is a simple app where you can quickly and easily create a visual MU-style signature for use in your work e-mails? The app automatically loads all your contact details from the IS database. And it can even handle English. Update your e-mail signature today!

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Ongoing Competitions and Awards

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Events calendar

Wed 22 Feb 2023

Busy hands are happy hands – online games in chemistry teaching 

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from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Sat 25 Feb 2023

Representative Ball of the MU Faculty of Science 

MU Association of Scientists (Spolek přírodovědců MU) in cooperation with the Faculty of Science of MU would like to to invite all students, staff, faculty supporters and other distinguished guests to the traditional Representative Ball of the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University.
from 7:30 PM

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