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Newsletter for PhD students and Postdocs

Opening Notes from the Vice-Dean for Doctoral Studies prof. Luděk Bláha

I am happy to share with you – PhD students and postdoctoral researchers at the Faculty of Science, MU – valuable information in this Newsletter, which is prepared to support your professional growth and personal development. Future of science – not only at MU but in general – is truly on your shoulders, and at the Faculty of Science we believe that investing into people in the initial phase of their career must be a priority. So, we invite you to read, learn and use the opportunities for your best … and for the best of science!

Introduction to the Newsletter

Dear colleagues,

This is a special occasion for us. Let us introduce you the first Newsletter for PhD students and Postdocs of the Faculty of Science MU, also called Early-Stage Researchers.

PhD students and Postdocs, as the initial stage of the research career, are also important target group of the HR Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R/HR Award), aiming to support ethical and attractive working environment, providing career development and establishing transparent recruitment procedures for researchers at the Faculty of Science MU.

In the spirit of supporting science and research, we have also established a new position at the Faculty, Development Specialist for Early-Stage Researchers, and from now on, you will hear from us regularly – Mgr. Linda Nosková will continuously provide you with recent information and events.

Barbora Wahlová, HR Award Office SCI MU

Dear PhD Students and Postdocs,
We would like to draw your attention to current interesting opportunities for further education within your PhD studies and your career development. Here are some fresh tips for spring 2022.
We hope you will find them interesting!

Courses for PhD Students

Project Skills Development in English

The goal of this MU Language Centre course is to familiarize PhD candidates with the essentials of academic writing skills that can be effectively adopted in writing projects and grant proposals. It offers a practice-oriented insight into ways to improve both the academic language and project-specific skills of the participants.

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Project Preparation in English – Intensive Course

The main goal of the MU Language Centre course is to offer PhD candidates an overview of effective tools and strategies that will allow them to make effective decisions within the various stages of preparation of a successful project application.


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Workshops for PhD Students and Postdocs

Academic Career Planning – What to Keep in Mind - Workshop for Postdocs

The aim of the workshop is to acquaint early-career researchers in the postdoctoral career stage with the formal and informal requirements associated with the start of an academic career in order to clarify what and why to pay attention to.

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My Future Career Path After PhD - Workshop for PhD Students

Are you about to finish your PhD degree? Are you wondering what to do next?
Then, this workshop is exactly for you!
The aim of the workshop is to clarify what your preferences and priorities related to the work and career are and to help you to do the first step toward your ideal career path.

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Seminars for PhD and Postdocs Students

BIOTOP Seminars

These seminars are meant to help doctoral students but also master students or postdocs, understand what job opportunities exist in the Biotech/Industry space, how they can transition and how they should be using their time to develop skills and improve their CV.

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Summer School for PhD Students

Primarily focused on the acquisition and development of soft skills in the area of teaching, communication and presentation skills. This activity is especially suitable for students after the 1st or 2nd year of PhD studies, but in case of free capacity, students of higher years can also participate.
"A week spent at the University Centre in the very centre of historic Telč is really worth it!"

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Mobilities - Discover your Opportunities to go Abroad

Stay abroad is not only a compulsary part of your PhD study, but also an experience of a lifetime. You can go almost anywhere in the world, so let's discover the opportunities at SCI MUNI.


Interesting sites to follow

Developmental opportunities for students.

Develop Your Skills

Life Sciences Seminars from the Masaryk University Seminar Series.

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