6 Sep 2022, 13:24

Newsletter for PhD students and Postdocs

Dear students,

The PhD Day is getting very close, don't forget to register and come!

The PhD Day 2022 will be packed with information, news, interesting guests and a festive presentation of a new prestigious programme for excellent PhD students. The event will also include a Roll-up section and some refreshments!
The event is highly relevant not only for PhD students (namely for those at the beginning of their PhD study) but also for undergraduate MSc students who are considering PhD studies. However, everyone interested is warmly welcome as well!

Start your PhD studies in the right step and come to PhD day 2022!

Join us for PhD Day 2022

September 14, 2022 at 9:00

You can look forward to:

  • The signing of the Memorandum of cooperation on Doctoral studies - bringing better interdisciplinary education for PhD students
  • Introduction of a new prestigious programme for PhD students - kick off a new programme aimed at comprehensive training of scientists at Masaryk University
  • Excellent PhD graduates at SCI MUNI: Expectations and Support – introduction presented by vice-dean about the most recent developments supporting PhD students.
  • Sharing stay abroad experiences – Mobility programs and grants through the eyes of a student and an administrator
  • Roll-up sectioninformation for students about the different PhD programmes offered 

PhD Day will be on-site and will be held in English.

University campus library + campus corridor - Bohunice

Registration is required to attend the PhD Day!

Registration for PhD day 2022 PhD Day 2022 Programme

MUNI Mendel Doctorandus

For new and current PhD students, we have prepared a brand-new educational programme that brings various benefits to enrolled students. You can find out more about the programme on September 14, 2022, on the PhD Day 2022, or now on the website.

Develop Your Skills Life Science Seminar Series MUNI Mendel Doctorandus

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