6 basic steps for successful admission to study

1. Choose your field of study

Choose the field of your study and/or specialization that best suits your interest.
You can find all our PhD programmes, their description and requirements below:


2. Contact your possible future supervisor

This is an essential step! You will find a list of supervisors and also, a list of proposed dissertation topics at the bottom of the page of each programme description - here. Contact the supervisor that you are interested in one of the topics or send directly your research proposal. 

3. Get all the necessary documents ready

To complete the application, you will have to submit these documents:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter of interest (up to two pages explaining your interest and research plan in the study field of your choice)
  • Short description of your PhD project + its title 
  • Letter of Recommendation from a person familiar with your academic background
  • Letter of Recommendation from your future supervisor at Masaryk University (can be found here)
  • Photocopies of diplomas and transcripts or records/diploma supplement from your previous university studies. For doctoral studies, a completed master’s degree* in the corresponding study field is required.

All documents should be in English!
* If you have not finished your master's degree yet, please upload a copy of your Bachelor degree and current master's degree transcript of records.

Optative attachments:

  • English certificate - any certificate or proof of your level of English
  • Photocopy of your passport - especially when a visa process is needed, to ensure all the data are updated and correctly filled. It is NOT mandatory!

4. Fill in the application

The application is filled in electronically.
Please choose: "International applicants for doctoral study (Czech and Slovak Republics applicants not included)" form!

Please, make sure all your personal details are correct and match your ID document (EU ID/passport).
It is not possible to submit the application without all the required information and documents. Please note that if you don't submit correct attachments (= for example, will upload only an empty pdf file), the application won't be considered.

Should you change your ID/passport during the application process, please let us know! The travel document number is essential for the visa process.

5. Pay the application fee

The admission fee is 650 CZK and is paid online upon submitting the electronic application form.
This fee can be paid by bank transfer or by card (recommened option) and without it, the application is not considered valid. 

6. Admission interview

When the application and the required attachments are complete, it is passed on to the respective department which then organizes the entrance examination. Your presentation during the entrance examination is evaluated by an admission committee that decides upon the number of received points. 
Information about admission procedure and criteria of acceptance for every programme are available here.

If not limited by the terms specific to the particular study programme, the entrance examination can take place throughout the year. 

Entrance exam, if possible, are done in person. Otherwise, it is held online, via Skype/Zoom/MS Teams.
You will be notified by e-mail that your application has been forwarded to the respective department.

What's next?

An applicant is informed about successful passing of the interview by the committee or by the Dean's Office (Office for Doctoral Studies, Quality, Academic Affairs and Internationalization is in charge of the admission process)
Dean's Office then completes the admission process and prepares acceptation documents and has them signed by the Dean. The final decision lies on the Dean of Faculty. 

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

What are the general requirements?

Applicants to doctoral study programmes are expected to have a good background in the field as well as a high level of English to be able to perform fully all duties required and connected to the doctoral study programme.
Applicants for doctoral studies need to prove they are holders of a university Master’s degree in a field corresponding to the doctoral study programme they choose to apply for.
The applicant is supposed to check the requirements for applicants specified for particular fields of study here.

Do you have programmes in English?

Yes, we do! All our PhD programmes are offered both in Czech and in English accreditation. Note that all programmes in English are subject to tuition!
There is an alternative option for the international applicants to be accepted in the free programme administered in Czech with the possibility of receiving a scholarship. The study language of the programme is still English (Czech is the administrative language).

What is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee for programmes accredited in English is 3,000 EUR/year.

Programmes accreditated in Czech are free of charge.
All international applicants can be accepted into programmes in Czech with the possibility of receiving a scholarship! The study language of the programme is still English (Czech is the administrative language).

Note, there is also an application fee - 650CZK and a fee for verification of foreign education - 800CZK.

Do I receive any scholarship?

All PhD students studying in full-time form of Czech accredited programmes are receiving a governmental doctoral scholarship of 12.000 CZK/month. This is granted for the first four years of study.

What is the difference between ful-time and combined form of studies?

The requirements, in general, are identical with this exception:

  • full-time form - you are expected to be present at the faculty, doctoral scholarship
  • combined form - no need of physical presence at the department, no scholarship

When do I have to start my studies?

All our PhD students can start their studies throughout the whole year, it is upon their agreement with the supervisor.
PhD studies are conducted according to students' individual study plans (more here)

I am from a non-EU country

We will help you with the documents needed for a visa application. Go through our visa process guide to know all the necessary details.

Visa process

My master's degree is from foreign university, do I have to verify my education?

Yes! Please see all the necessary requirements for the verification of foreign education.

Verification process

What do I need to know about enrolment and life in Brno?

All information regarding enrolment, accommodation and life in Brno in general can be found here:

Next steps

Why has Life Sciences programme different dates?

Life Sciences programme is administrated by CEITEC, therefore they have their own admission process - including different dates.

Life Sciences programme Life Sciences admission

  • When can I apply?

    Most of our programmes have two main application periods:

    • 1st January-30th April 
    • 1st August-30th November 
    • upon agreement with a supervisor, you can apply throughout the whole year

    Life sciences

    •  1st September-31st October (for studies starting in Spring term)
    •  1st December-28th February (for studies starting in Autumn term)
  • Where can I submit my application?

    Remember to choose "International applicants for doctoral study (Czech and Slovak Republics applicants not included)" option and choose the correct language - see our FAQ's to find out the difference between Czech and English programme.


  • Who can I contact for further information or help?

    Shall you have any questions regarding the admission process, please do not hesitate to write us at:


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