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The goal of the study is to qualify students for a profession of an independent research worker - biophysicist. The study consolidates theoretical and experimental physical background, including the knowledge of mathematical methods, and gives education in the field of physical properties of the nature and manifestation of living systems. Besides the physical knowledge it encompasses basic chemical, biochemical, biophysical and biological disciplines, which results in qualitatively high-level biophysical specialization. Biophysics can be studied in two branches. Graduates in Molecular Biophysics have good education in that area (with an accent on the structure of biopolymers and their interaction with physical and chemical factors) as well as genetics (biophysical problems of mutagenesis and genomics) and membranology (understanding relations between the structure, properties and function of membranes). Graduates in Applied Biophysics have theoretical knowledge in human biology (morphological disciplines and physiology), enabling them to operate modern medical devices and assess the risks connected with them, among others.

A successful graduate is able to

  • work in biophysical laboratories or in other facilities with general biophysical or biomedical orientation
  • develop further theoretical knowledge and skills, namely in the field of utilisation of exact measurement methods
  • actively utilise sophisticated methods of statistical analysis of biophysical data
  • continue with the respective doctoral study programme in case of interest
  • act as an expert in operation of biomedical devices for research, diagnostics and therapy

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Graduate destination

The study prepares the graduates for a doctoral study programme at university or departments of Czech Academy of Sciences, which qualifies the graduate as a future research worker. The graduate of the Applied Biophysics programme can find employment in medical departments as a highly qualified worker for operation of modern diagnostic and therapeutic devices.

The graduate can also find jobs in basic and applied research, at universities, in various laboratories and companies, metrological institutions, institutions using informatics, and others. The graduate is able to carry out independent scientific work and find solutions to complex problems, at least in the branch of biophysics, in which he/she completed the study.

Admission Requirements

Written test on the level of bachelor state exam (only in Czech).

Recommended literature

As seen on bachelor exam.

Evaluation criteria

Result of entrance test.

Field of study combinations

Field combinations with Biophysics

This field of study is only offered in single-subject study mode

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Recommended study plans and other information can be found in the faculty study catalouge.

Study field data

Faculty Faculty of Science
Type of study Follow-up master's
Mode full-time No
combined No
Standard length of studies 2 years
Language of instruction

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