Long-term residence permit or long-term visa?

There are two type of permits you can apply for:

  • long-term residence permit for the purpose of "studies"
  • long-term visa for the purpose of "studies"

We would recommend to apply for a LT residence permit:
- it is intended primarily for foreigners from third countries who plan to stay in the Czech Republic for more than a six months 
- after approval, you will receive single-entry visa at the embassy which entitles you to travel to the CZE and pick up the residence permit card
- after arrival to the CZE, you will receive a residence permit card
with a residence card, certain administrative task and life in the CZE in general may be easier

Identical elements:

  • entitle you to stay for more than 90 days (3 months)
  • entitle to move around the Schengen area - stay in other Schengen states must not exceed 90 days in any 180 days and must be non-remunerative
  • both the long-term visa and the long-term residence permit can be extended in the Czech Republic - if the purpose of the stay is still valid


  • visa is multiple entry, can be renewed, issued for a maximum of 1 year
  • RP is first issued as one-entry visa, then receiving a residence permit card, can be renewed, issued for a maximum of 2 years (usually for 1 year, though)

Where to apply?

It is always necessary to file the application in person!!!

LT Residence permit:

The application is filed at the Czech Embassy in the state of which you are a citizen or which issued your current travel document or in the state in which you have a long-term or permanent residence permit at the properly completed form.

Foreign national is also entitled to file an application at the MOI office in the territory of Czech republic in this case:

  1. if the foreign national is a holder of long-term visa (for more than 90 days) for any purpose, except of long-term visa of leave to remain, purpose of seasonal work or extra work,

  2. if the foreign national is a holder of long-term residence permit for another purpose issued in the territory of Czech Republic,

  3. if the foreign national is a holder of long-term residence permit issued for the purpose of study by another EU member state (except Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark), if he/she submits the application within his legitimate residence.

LT Visa:
An application for a long-term visa for over 90 days can be submitted at a Czech Embassy abroad. You are obliged to submit the application only at the Czech Embassy in the state of which you are a citizen or which issued your current travel document or in the state in which you have a long-term or permanent residence permit. You do not have to meet these conditions if you are a citizen of a state presented in the list of countries whose nationals are entitled to submit an application for a long-term visa at any Czech Embassy whatsoever (Decree No. 429/2010 Coll.).

An application for a long-term visa can only be submitted inside the Czech Republic in legally set cases.

How to apply?

It is always necessary to file the application in person!!!
You can arrange a meeting at the embassy by yourself (
according to the instructions of the specific embassy, this can be done by email, telephone or in person) OR we can help by so-called student mode (see information about this process in next drop-down box).

The application is filed at the properly completed form together with all required documents. You will find the application forms also in box "Documents".

You should, however, always submit originals or notarized copies of the documents. Travel document, birth certificate, marriage certificate and document proving the purpose of the stay must be submitted in original. 
The requirements for the application shall not be older than 180 days except for the travel document and the photograph of the foreign national if it corresponds to his/her actual appearance. 

Student mode

Students who have already received their Master's degree can be nominated into so-called Student Mode.
The project "Student Mode" is the concept of visa facilitation for students-foreigners from selected third countries who are admitted to study at Universities in the Czech Republic and at the the same time they are enrolled in the Student Mode.

Faculty can nominate you into this special project if you from selected countries. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports makes decision on the enrollment to the Student Mode, if they accept it, they resend your contact details to the respected Embassy. Each month, there is a specific date we can nominate you, after this it takes approx. two weeks before the Embassy receives all the contact details.

Embassy contacts you directly, usually via e-mail, and offers you a specific date for your visa appointment. You CANNOT choose a date! However, you could ask the Embassy whether it would be possible to get another appointment if you are awaiting documents or are abroad etc.

Application Requirements

We will provide you with an Acceptance Letter (purpose of stay), Confirmation of Accommodation (proof of accommodation) and Confirmation of Scholarship (if you will be receiving it, can serve as proof of funds). As these documents are needed in original, we will send them to you via Czech Post (to most of the countries, it takes 10-14 days), in exceptional case we can use a DHL shipment. 

Along with the filled application form for a LT residence permit/visa you must submit:

  1. a travel document,

  2. document confirming the purpose of your stay in the territory,

  3. proof of accommodation,

  4. photograph,

  5. proof of funds, or document, that all costs will be paid by state authority (state organization), legal organization or domestic host organization. You can also submit document proving that your total monthly income will not be lower than the sum of subsistence minimum (3 860 CZK) and the highest amount of normative housing costs (8 577 CZK) or housing costs you actually spend,

  6. upon request a document similar to an extract from the Penal Register record,

  7. upon request a document proving the fulfilment of conditions set out in the measure of Ministry of Health on prevention of the spread of infectious illnesses (Medical report).

More info can be found here.
NOTE! All of the documents submitted must be made out in the Czech language or Slovak language or officially translated into Czech. Moreover, foreign public documents must be supported by a higher verification (Apostille, superlegalisation).

The requirements for the application shall not be older than 180 days except for the travel document and the photograph of the foreign national if it corresponds to his/her actual appearance.

After approval of the application

In the case of a positive appraisal of your application, the MOI office/embassy at which you filed the application will contact you.

NOTE!  If your application is approved, prior to affixing the visa, you are obliged to submit a proof of medical travel insurance that corresponds to the specified conditions
(not required if the foreign national subscribes to public health insurance or if the costs for health care are covered on the basis of an international agreement or if the foreign national can demonstrate that health care is covered in another manner), and, upon request, a document on paying the insurance presented in the proof of medical travel insurance.
Exeptions can be found here.

Decision to issue a long-term residence permit
In the event of filing an application at an embassy, you will receive a visa for a stay of over 90 days for the purpose of receiving a residence permit, with which you can travel to the CR and report to the MOI office within 3 working days to fulfil the reporting duty and provide biometric data necessary for issuing a residence card.
This visa is one-entry! The address of the office which you are suppose to report at, will be given to you when receiving the residence permit at the Czech embassy abroad. If you does not appear in this period at the MOI office, the proceedings held on your application will be terminated and you will be obliged to leave the territory of  the Czech Republic.

In the stated time period, however no longer than 60 days from providing the biometric data, you have to report in person at a MOI office in order to collect your residence permit card - to confirm your identity (or more precisely the correctness of the personal information in the card, its functionality and the information and correctness of the data saved on the biometric card).

Things to keep in mind

Please, note that we need your personal details (name, surname, date of birth, number of travel passport) always correct and consistent with the details on the passport! Otherwise, the visa documents we can provide you with, won't be valid!

The Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals sets a standard deadline of 60 days for processing an application from the time of filing it. Yet, in exceptional case might take longer.

During your stay in CZE do not forget to report changes related to your residence (= if you move to a new address).
If you are staying in private accommodation, you can prove it with an accommodation contract, which must comply with the following conditions!
It is important to report this change as the MOI might need to contact you.


I need to extend my visa/residence permit - general info

If you need to extend your current residence permit, let us know, we will help with required documents. If you want to check you have everything ready and correctly filled, come to our office and we can go through it together.

NOTE! If you had long-term visa and now you are applying for a long-term residence permit, you MUST submit it personally! If you are only extending current residence permit/visa, it suffices if you transmit an application to Post Transportation at the last day of statutory period.

However, we would recommend to do it personally so that the officer at MOI can check whether you have all the documents. We would also recommend to make an appointment ahead to prevent long waiting. 

When can I submit the application?

An application of extension validity of long term residence in the Czech Republic you are generally obligated to submit soon enough 120 days before end of validity of existing permit to long term residence or long term visa and at the latest day of validity of visa or residence permit. If the last day of validity of long term visa or long term residence permit is public holiday (Saturday, Sunday, holiday), the last day you are able to submit an application is nearest following working day.

Fact that the last day of term is unofficial day, cannot be considered for reason independent of the will, which obstrucs to the foreigner to submit an application. For this reason we ask you to submit an applications with time-ahead.

What documents do I need?

Alongside the filled application form, you need to prove very similar documents as during the first application.

  • The most important document is a document confirming the purpose of the stay in the Czech Republic - we will issue you a confirmation of studies in Czech language.

  • Then, a proof of accommodation -if you are staying in dorms and have a reservation, you can ask the dorms or us to get the confirmation of accommodation. If you have a private accommodation, make sure the document (e.g. accommodation agreement) meets the set requirements (find them under the link).

  • proof of finance - a document confirming the availability of funds in the territory or document proving that all costs will be paid by state authority, by legal entity or by domestic host organization or you can submit document proving, that your total monthly income will not be lower than a sum of subsistence minimum (3 860 CZK) and highest amount of normative housing costs (8 577 CZK) or housing costs you actually spend
  • a document on health insurance for the period of your stay in the Czech Republic, and upon request a document on having paid the insurance premium 
  •  valid travel document and a photograph

More information here.

How do I pay for it?

All fees are paid to the MOI CR using stamps (kolek) at a specific value that can be purchased at any post office. Cash payments are only possible when obtaining a counterpart, duplicate, copy, photocopy or an extract from a file on a foreign national.  In other cases, due to anti-corruption measures, it is not possible to pay in cash or by banking card at an MOI office.

More information and FEES here.

I submitted the application long time ago

If you know the application number, you can easily check the status here.
We are aware that some applications take longer time to be processed, but remember that the requirements for the application shall not be older than 180 days except for the travel document, birth certificate, marriage certificate and the photograph of the foreign national if it corresponds to his / her actual appearance.

If the documents you submitted were issued 180 days ago or your application is in process longer than 180 days, arrange new ones!
Your application will not be approved until you submit the new documents, you might get an official letter with "výzva" (a call to action).
If you do not speak Czech, please, send us a photo of it or come to our office, we will see what the problem is and help with it.
If you fail to provide the required documents by such a letter within the specified time limit, your application will almost certainly be rejected!

NOTE! You will not see any changes unless it is approved/rejected!
Be aware of the fact that if MOI require another/new document, they will send you a letter, but the online system will not shown this! It is important that you keep the MOI informed about any residency changes.


COVID Restrictions and news

Due to the Covid measure, the service can be limited. Acces to the MoI office is possible primarily with an appointment (by phone or online). 

If the valid protective measure of the Ministry of Health obliges you to pass the RT-PCR test for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 after entering the Czech Republic, do not visit the MoI office until a negative result of this test is obtained! You will not be checked in! Acces to the MoI offices will not be allowed!
- If you do not fulfill the obligation to report your arrival in person within 3 days of entering the territory (which applies to foreigners with a long-term or permanent residence permit), no sanction will be imposed on you. Then fulfill this obligation as soon as possible.
- To visit the MoI office please make an appointment and during the visit to the MoI office use only a respirator or disposable medical face mask.
- In case of a positive result of the RT-PCR test, do not arrive at the workplace until the end of the ordered quarantine measure.
- Persons without the above-mentioned protective equipment will not be allowed to enter the MoI office, as well as those who arrive before the end of any quarantine measure.

You can find more information here.

Where is MOI? How do I get there?

The MOI Brno (in Czech = OAMP)
Address: Tuřanka 1554/115b, 627 00 Brno, map here
To reach the MOI office, the best is to go by bus to Slatina, Závod stop.

Take a bus number 77 from Úzká stop to Slatina, Závod stop – find the bus schedule HERE. The bus runs regularly (every 10-20minutes) and the journey takes approximately 20-25 minutes. Then your final destination will be only an 8-minutes walk.

Watch a video how it looks like at the MOI.  You will enter the building through an automatic door. On the left side is a small waiting room, where there is also a toilet, vending machine and coffee machine. On the second floor, which can be reached by lift or stairs, there is a large waiting room, information desk, MOI offices and a counselling room of the Celzus Brno. When you enter, take a ticket with a serial number in one of the machines and wait until your number appears on the TV.

Mo, We: 8.00 - 17.00
Tu, Th: 8.00 - 14.00
Fr: by invitation only
online reservation here

: 974 801 801 (information and appointment line; Mo - Th: 8.00 - 16.00 and  Fr: 8.00 - 12.00, works in English as well!)
Responsibility for the Brno-město, Brno-venkov, Vyškov, Blansko, Břeclav and Znojmo

Will the MOI let me know I need to re-apply for extention?

No, renewing your residence permit on time is entirely your responsibility.
Ministry of Interior offers to the caller the closest term for appointment possible. It is not checked whether offered term falls within the time limit prescribed by the law for respective legal act (i.e. for submission of the application).

Can I speak English at the MOI? Who can help me with Czech?

It might be a good idea to have a Czech speaking person with you, at least when you go to the MOI for the first time.
There is an option to contact organization Celzus - their staff are present at the MOI and can interpret in several languages or help you prepare and check documents for the meeting and fill in forms. It is free of charge, write them an email or call them.

You can also try to write to the ESN MUNI - you can ask for a "buddy" to go there with you.

Can I travel abroad with my visa/permit?

Yes, you can!

If you have a long-term visa, it is multiple entry and you can use to to enter any EU/Schengen country.
If you have a long-term residence permit, note you need to pick up the residence card first! The visa you will receive at the Embassy is only single-entry! With the residence card you can travel without any problems.

What if my permit expires and I still haven't the application for its extention approved?

Ask at the MOI for a bridging label/sticker!

This "bridging label" is affixed to your travel document in the form of a visa for a stay of more than 90 days, with a validity period corresponding to the expected duration of the application procedure, usually on a waiting basis. For this reason, the personal presence of the applicant is required. For this purpose, the applicant shall present a valid travel document, no other formalities are required.
The "bridging sticker" allows its holder to travel from/to the Schengen area.

The sticker is then used as a certificate of the application and declares the legality of the stay in the Czech Republic until a final decision on the application has been made!


If you need any advice or want to clarify anything, do not hesitate to send us an email. We are happy to help and answer your questions.


  • In the event of a positive processing of an application filed at an embassy, you are obliged to submit proof of travel medical insurance and, at the same time, upon request, submit a document on paying the insurance premium.
  • If the application is filed in the Czech Republic, submit these requirements directly when you submit an application.
  • From August 2, 2021 all foreign nationals must use only the VZP Health Insurance Company
  • Calculation of health insurance (non-binding)
  • Overview of changes from 2/8/2021
  • Exeptions can be found here.

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