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Newsletter for PhD students and Postdocs

Dear PhD students and Postdocs,

The latest newsletter for Early-Stage Researchers - PhD students and Postdocs, is in your hands. It is being distributed within the Faculty of Science to all doctoral students and postdocs, and newly also to all PhD supervisors. We believe that sharing information is essential for the best science and best cooperation. This newsletter brings you essential information on registration for the new semester, recommends interdisciplinary seminars, workshops and conferences, and many more. We hope you will make the most of the information.

Onward to the next semester - Spring 2023!

Security Threat Warning!

Please be informed there have been several cases recently where your MUNI accounts have been hacked. Please pay attention to emails that contain suspicious links or attachments. You may also receive a phishing email in your MUNI email account.
Never enter passwords via links in emails, and always prefer to visit IS MU or other MU websites directly in your web browser, where you can enter the correct address yourself. Check here for examples of what such phishing emails from the MUNI environment can look like.

PRO TIP: Safely to 2023!
PRO TIP 2: If you suspect phishing, you can report it.

Stays Abroad – Erasmus+

If you plan to travel to European countries in the summer or autumn 2023, consider applying for Erasmus+. There are several options available under the Erasmus+ programme.
All these options can be combined with the faculty scholarship A.6, and all information about placements abroad for PhD students can be found here. Please, let us know if you have any questions about going abroad.
Contact: Kristýna Bajgarová, bajgarova@sci.muni.cz

  1. Erasmus+ traineeships (Erasmus+ SMP) = minimum duration of 2 months, can be completed in any institution (university, private company…) in EU countries. The next deadline will be April 30, 2023, for stays starting in July 2023.
    Check the guidelines here.
  2. PhD short-term stays under Erasmus+ = NEW from SPRING 2023!
    5-30 days at a European university. Once this one-off call is open (probably during February), you will receive an email with notification and instructions, this is a brand new opportunity for PhD students, and all conditions are now being set up.
  3. Erasmus+ ICM - stay at pre-selected universities outside the EU. The deadline for the supplementary call is deadline June 1, 2023. Please note that this supplementary call is not happening every time; it depends on the number of applications in the main call. If you are interested, check the websites.
  4. Erasmus+ Study Stays (Erasmus+ SMS)= 1 semester at a foreign university where you take theoretical courses or write a dissertation. It is only possible to go to universities with which your institute has contracts! Current call for stays in academic year 2023/24 is now open.
    It is not the same as an internship = different conditions, different deadlines, slightly lower scholarships! More info here.

RECETOX Seminar Series

Do you have questions about endocrine disruptive chemicals, pesticides, microplastics, atmospheric pollution, ecotoxicological effects, the human microbiome, population studies, protein engineering, etc.? Join the RECETOX Seminars to learn more about the environment and health from renowned Czech or foreign scientists. Let's build up a healthy future through knowledge. This seminar is designed for PhD students, postdocs and other researchers from RECETOX and is open for everyone, who is interested to join.

Where: University Campus Bohunice, lecture room D29/252

When: Tuesday mornings at 9:00 am

RCX Seminar Web

SPARK Europe Webinar Series Spring 2023

The purpose of SPARK programmes is to provide the education and mentorship necessary to advance research discoveries from the bench to the bedside, hence to increase the maturity of academic and clinical discoveries towards practical solutions that address the unmet needs in the life science and health tech space. The programme follows the same principles that have been the cornerstones of SPARK at Stanford since it was established by Professor Daria Mochly-Rosen and Kevin Grimes in 2006 for advancing new biomedical research discoveries into promising new treatments for patients.

Don't miss webinars on topics close to your interests and develop your interdisciplinary training. The dates and topics are specified in the flyer of the webinar series.

SPARK Programme for Spring 2023

BIOTOP Seminars

The seemingly peculiar name "BIOTOP" stands for BIOtech Talks tO PhD. In broad strokes, these seminars aim to bridge the gap, between the academia and industry and present various career options in the field of Life Sciences. Invited guests are scientists who worked in academia but then decided to continue their research career in private sector companies either in the Czech Republic or abroad. Seminars are meant to help doctoral students, but also master students or postdocs, understand what job opportunities exist in the Biotech/Industry space, how they can transition and how they should be using their time to develop skills and improve their CV.

Our first invited speaker is Matthias Antonin, who works as Innovation Lead Medical Practice Neuroscience & Global Medical Science Director at Roche. The seminar will take place on the March 21, 2023, 17:30 at the University campus Bohunice (C03/117).

The BIOTOP seminar series became an official course under the code "DSBIOP" in the course catalogue. Students of any field of study are welcome to register.

More Info

Announcement of the Office for Doctoral Studies, Quality, Academic Affairs and Internationalisation

The autumn semester is over, so we would like to remind you of some of your duties for the next one:

1) Apply to be enrolled in the Spring 2023 here by February 12, 2023!

2) Fill out the Spring 2023 Term content here by February 20, 2023! (Instructions on page 4 here) After completing this agenda, please send it to your supervisor (save and notify supervisor button)

3) From January 31, 2023, 17:00, enrolment of courses for the Spring 2023 is open until February 26, 2023. Remember to add the number of credits for "XDxxx" courses if applicable - as recommended by your supervisor/trainer following the study plan for your programme (here)

4) Check your grades for all courses you had enrolled for in the Autumn 2022.
If you have any problems or questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with your study assistant (see our contacts here). We will be happy to help you with this.

Awarding of Scholarships

Decisions on awarding scholarships will be delivered to students electronically via the Masaryk University Information System. Scholarships cannot be paid until the decision becomes legally binding. The decision will become legally binding 30 days after the delivery of the decision because, according to the Higher Education Act, the student has the right to request a re-evaluation of the decision made regarding the scholarship in these 30 days. Therefore, the decision does not come into force until this period has expired. The student can speed up the whole process of payment of the scholarship by declaring that he/she waives the right to review the decision. This declaration is part of the online "confirmation of acceptance" in IS MUNI.

Contact person for scholarships: Iva Klímová at klimova@sci.muni.cz

Research Internship:

The Von Karman Institute of Fluid Dynamics (VKI), a world-leading research institute in the field of fluid mechanics in Belgium is opening a several teaching and research programmes for science students:

Weekly specialisation lectures (lecture series).

Short training programme (3 - 6 months, especially suitable for the experimental part the experimental part of the thesis)

Research master (two-semester specialisation postgraduate programme)

Doctoral programme (PhD studies in collaboration with a local or Belgian university)

If you apply early (preferably by April 1, 2023), there is a possibility of receiving a scholarship of 1110 EUR/month (Research master programme).

An online information seminar is organised for potential applicants (February 7, 2023 - at 1:00 p.m. / 6:00 p.m.), registration is possible at events.vki.ac.be or by email to: secretariat@vki.ac.be.

VKI Flyer


Dean's Award

As with each year, PhD students and Postdocs are eligible to be nominated for the Dean's Award in the following categories:
1) The best student in the doctoral programme
2) The collective of outstanding students
More information can be found on the website.

Nominations for the Faculty of Science MU should be sent to Jana Procházková, prochazkova@sci.muni.cz by February 24, 2023.

Conference / Workshop:

Pride Conference

The PRIDE-Network, representing the community of doctoral education professionals in Europe and beyond, invites you to the 5th PRIDE Conference entitled Research Conduct and Integrity – the Challenges for the Doctoral Journey. The central theme of this year's event will be to reflect on the fine line between science, which often means taking risks in asking new, unanswered questions, and complying with ethical guidelines, open access, etc.

More information about the conference can be found on the event website.

May 4-5, 2023 Porto (Portugal)

EMBO Workshop: Eukaryotic RNA Turnover and Viral Biology

From June 20 - 23, 2023, CEITEC of Masaryk University will host the popular EMBO Workshop that combines two disciplines of fundamental social importance - RNA stability and virology. This workshop is organized on behalf of the Czech side by Štěpánka Vaňáčová, a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) from the CEITEC Research Centre of Masaryk University.

The conference will feature 20 invited presentations by distinguished scientists from both disciplines working at world-leading research institutions. This conference will bring together molecular biologists working on the fundamental mechanisms controlling RNA stability, with virologists focusing on RNA in the context of virus-host cell interactions. The main objective of this conference is to promote the exchange of the latest scientific knowledge in this area of research.

More info about the workshop here.

June 20-23, 2023 Brno

Interesting Reading from the Faculty of Science:

The Scholarship for PhD Students will be Increased by 25% from September 1, 2023.

Full Article Here

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