Vzhledem k aktuálnímu epidemiologickému vývoji je univerzitní eskalační semafor, s platností od pondělí 12. října 2020, přepnut na červený stupeň pohotovosti. Více informací zde.

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Eva studied English Language and Literature and Music and Drama Theory at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University. She obtained her PhD in English Literatures from Palacký University in Olomouc. She has taught ESP courses for the students of Mathematics, Physics, and Geography since 1998 when she joined the Faculty.  She plays piano duets with her daughter and currently tries to learn the exiting sport of archery. 

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Since graduating form the Arts Faculty at Masaryk University where I studied the English Language and Literature, my professional career has been bound with the charms of adult education. I like listening to people and helping them in their language progress. It is rewarding to see students’ achievements. After classes, I enjoy relaxing outdoors, hiking or going sightseeing.

About me

Marketa Dudova studied English Language and Literature and Religious Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University. She holds a PhD in Literatures in English. In her research, she is interested in Romantic poetry. She joined the Faculty of Science in 2019 and currently teaches English for Biologists and English for Physicists.

Mgr. Kateřina Kováčová, Ph.D.

telefon: 549 49 3560

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About me

Jana studied teaching English and Russian at the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University. She has taught a wide range of ESP (English for Specific Purpose) courses and it is a dream of hers to once teach EPP (English for Pure Pleasure). She plays the violin in a band. 

Anjuli Pandavar, PhD

telefon: 549 49 5837

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I used to hang around on the other side of the world quite a lot. It gave me a unique perspective. Hang out with me and I’ll bring you into the picture. It’s bound to be interesting. So as not to be too much of an enigma, I’ve been pressurised to reveal the following: I was once an architect; I was once trapped in a war zone in Rhodesia; I was a life model at an art school; I crossed a desert in a VW Beetle; I begged for food on the street; I exhibited my work at a UN conference in Barcelona; I was briefly detained by the Belgian police; I read from my novel at the KGB Bar in New York; I rolled two cars (thankfully, no one got hurt); I have been recently invited to Einstein's personal library in Jerusalem; I was once exorcised; I was attacked by baboons in a cave in South Africa in the middle of the night; I love cooking for friends; I slept in a cemetary; I was working in a major bank in the city of London when the 2008 banking crisis hit; I came to education for a quiet life.

Lenka Pavlíková

Asistentka oddělení CJV na PřF

telefon: 549 49 5455

Mgr. Monika Ševečková, Ph.D.

Vedoucí pracoviště CJV na PřF

telefon: 549 49 7368

обо мне

Выпускница специальности «Переводческая деятельность» (Карлов университет, 2003 г.), аспирантуры «Палеославистика и славянские языки» (Университет им. Масарика, 2014 г.). Побывала на стажировках в Финляндии, Германии, Прибалтике, Турции, России, на Украине. Преподает РКИ для академических и специальных целей, на семинарах акцентирует вопросы фразеологии и разговорного языка, интересуется вопросами этнолингвистики, креативности и билингвизма.

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Licenciada en Filología Española y Filología Inglesa por la Universidad Masaryk de Brno.
Trabaja en el Centro de Lenguas de la Universidad Masaryk desde 2016 y se dedica a la enseñanza del español con fines académicos y específicos y a la creación de materiales de aprendizaje. Le interesan las destrezas de la presentación académica y las destrezas de comunicación.

Budova PřF, Kotlářská 2, pavilon 12 - aula, Aula

Oddělení Centra jazykového vzdělávání na Přírodovědecké fakultě

Sídlo: Kotlářská 267/2, 611 37 Brno, pavilon 12
Kamenice 753/5, 625 00 Brno, budova C15
Korespondenční adresa: Kotlářská 267/2, 611 37 Brno
telefon: 549 49 1443

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