Somatoscopic traits of human

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The scoliotic body posture is evaluated from the dorsal view of the torso. We compare the spinal curvature with an imaginary line leading through body axis. In the first phase of the evaluation, we try to determine if the proband’s body posture exhibits scoliotic posture or not. Then we try to determine the extent of the scoliosis. This trait has three developmental degrees: 1. no scoliosis, 2. slight development (up to 10°), 3. strong scoliosis (above 10°).

Frequency represented in the Czech population:

Category Together Males Females
1 95% 94% 96%
2 4% 5% 3%
3 1% 1% 1%
no scoliosis slight development scoliosis strong scoliosis

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