Somatoscopic traits of human

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ears - auricle area

We evaluate this trait from a semi-profile view of a human head in Frankfurt horizontal plane by leading a line in sagittal plane over outer auditory canal, to which we drop a perpendicular from the auricle apex over the outer helix border. The trait has three developmental degrees: 1. planar (the perpendicular is on the same plane with auricle border), 2. concave (the auricle border does not reach the perpendicular), 3. convex (the auricle border protrudes over the perpendicular).

Frequency represented in the Czech population:

Category Together Males Females
1 58% 60% 57%
2 25% 21% 28%
3 17% 20% 15%
planar auricle area concave auricle area convex auricle area

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