Somatoscopic traits of human

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ears - auricle profile

We evaluate this trait from a profile view of a human head in Frankfurt horizontal plane. We assess the anthelix, its branching, the degree of its protrusion from the auricle plane, pertinently its depth or its thickness. We describe three developmental degrees of the trait: 1. strongly modelled (the upper branch is more distinctive than the lower branch or they are both equally distinctive) 2. moderately modelled (the lower branch is more distinctive than the upper branch), 3. poorly modelled (both branches are smooth and do not protrude).

Frequency represented in the Czech population:

Category Together Males Females
1 32% 28% 35%
2 45% 57% 36%
3 23% 15% 29%
strongly modelled auricle profile moderately modelled auricle profile poorly modelled auricle profile

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