Somatoscopic traits of human

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ears - depth

We evaluate this trait on a profile view of the head in Frankfurt horizontal plane. We connect the apices of tragus and antitragus (in the sagittal plane) and the ii apex with this imaginary line. If the line led from ii apex to the connecting line of tragus and antitragus is as long as this connecting line, the ii is deep. If the ii line reaches a half of the connecting line, the ii moderately deep and if the ii line does not reach a half of the length of the connecting line, the ii is shallow. 1. deep, 2. moderately deep, 3. shallow.

Frequency represented in the Czech population:

Category Together Males Females
1 15% 9% 20%
2 61% 65% 58%
3 24% 26% 22%
deep incisura intertragica moderately deep incisura intertragica shallow incisura intertragica

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