Somatoscopic traits of human

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lips - philtrum depth

Evaluated in the semi-profile view. In this trait, we evaluate the depth of the depression between lateral borders of the philtrum. Three categories are distinguished: the depth of philtrum is 1. small (the philtrum borders are indistinct, insufficiently clear and insufficiently elevated above the surrounding tissue, the philtrum is flat), 2. average (the philtrum borders are clearly visible), 3. large (the philtrum borders are very visible, even conspicuous, the philtrum is very depressed).

Frequency represented in the Czech population:

Category Together Males Females
1 15,0% 16% 14%
2 57,0% 57% 57%
3 28% 27% 29%
philtrum depth small philtrum depth average philtrum depth large

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