What do we work on?

Our main interest is the community and population ecology of aquatic invertebrates, especially in running water systems. We focus on the following invertebrate groups, with respect to their diversity and taxonomy: unicellular free-living Eucaryota (former Protozoa), clitellate worms (Clitellata), molluscs (Mollusca), crustaceans (Crustacea), mayflies (Ephemeroptera), stoneflies (Plecoptera), beetles (Coleoptera), caddisflies (Trichoptera), and dipterans (Diptera), especially chironomids (Chironomidae). Our scientific activities include basic and applied research with focus on

  • The biodiversity of running water ecosystems including the hyporheic zone, groundwater and springs. We explore relationships between species composition and main environmental variables on various spatial and temporal scales. We analyze the influence of resource limitation, competition and predation among organisms as well as the influence of different stressors and disturbances on community composition.
  • The development of methods for ecological status assessment and a classification of running waters. We provide assessments of the impact of river regulations and restoration possibilities. Recently we have also paid higher attention to the impact of long-term climate changes on river ecosystems.

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