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Czech and Slovak Dipterological Literature 1986-1995



VAŇHARA J. & ROZKOŠNÝ R., 1997: Czech and Slovak Dipterological Literature 1986-1995. Folia Fac. Sci. Nat. Univ. Masarykianae Brunensis, Biologia, 95: 1-177.
The presented bibliography registeres scientific production of the Czech and Slovak dipterists in the period 1986-1995. It embraces contributions from the field of general, taxonomic and applied dipterology, abstracts from symposia and conferences as well as faunistic records, biographies, book reviews and popular articles. In both the style and extent, this detail account follows the previously published bibliographies covering the dipterological literature on the territory of the former Czechoslovakia up to 1985. The list of titles includes 1258 quotations from the evaluated decade, 33 additions to published lists and 63 foreign publications referring to records of today´s Czech and Slovac Republics. In the period under discussion the native authors described 9 new genera, 3 new subgenera and 286 taxa of the specific and subspecific level from different parts of the world. A reliable orientation in the large amount of diverse information is enabled by detailed indexes devoted to general dipterology, taxonomy and faunistics, and economic dipterology. The author index gives a clear view of the extent of home specialists and the participation of foreign authors on the indigenous dipterological research.