A command line like: psview tiger.ps makes:

Figure of graphics:

The textual window:

Running GhostScript on tiger.ps  Please, remember the viewer hotkeys:

[n] p       goto page n                 i         initial (default) setup
[n] PgUp    next page(s)             [n] PgD      previous page(s)
Ctrl/PgUp   first page              Ctrl/PgD      last page
 w      display the whole page          c         redraw the current page
[n] m   set magnification factor    [n1] [n2] v   view magnified and shifted
 g      draw the grid                   f         show the page frame
[n] r   rotate counter/cw by n*90 deg  [n] s      set shift for arrows
 hf     flip the page horizontally      vf        flip the page vertically
 +      scale the page 1.5 times        -         scale the page 1/1.5 times
End     scale the page 1.2 times       Home       scale the page 1/1.2 times
[n] Del undo previous change(s)        [n] Ins    redo undone change(s)
[n] arrow    shift the page by n (default according to the setting of s)
Alt-X, x, q  exit with saving the setup  Esc      quit without saving

e  error handler (restore virtual memory)
[f] F1  new file without browsing      [f] F2     new file
[f] F3  read setup (def. !ps_rest.ps)  [f] F4     write setup
F5  reset screen graphics (text cursor)
[n1 [n2]] F8  show shifted page   [n1 [n2]] F9  show shifted and scaled page
[n1 [n2]] F10 show shifted and 1/scaled page (scaling according to m)
[f] Ctrl PrtScr  print contents of the frame to file [f] (def. printer)
...where [n] means number, [f] means file
1.5 m
0.6666666 m vu
1.5 m