Selected Attributes of Publishing Activity in Montmorillonite Research

K. Jesenák, Ľ. kuchta

Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University, 845 15 Bratislava, Slovakia


With aim to document the state of publication activity in clay research, the formal way of publication activity in the field of monmorillonite research has been analysed. On the base of the key-word montmorillonite frequency in Chemical Abstracts database, montmorillonite can be declared as the most studied clay mineral. Number of published papers with key-word montmorillonite cited in Chemical Abstracts has been continually increasing since 1931. Nevertheless, proportion of these papers to entire production is decreasing since the beginning of fifties. Actual situation can be judged as stabilized. From the view point of information content the publishing production is strongly oriented to application of clay minerals, which is documented by 25 to 30 % of patents from all cited works and high ratio of papers in which applications of clay minerals are described (20 – 30 %). Publishing of papers in unusually large number of journals is evidence for great heterogeneity of this topics.