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Newsletter for employees

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021!

Advent greetings from the Dean

Science and research

Our experts will sit on the governing bodies of the Czech grant agencies

Jaroslav Koča, Director of the National Centre for Biomolecular Research at the Faculty of Science, MU, and Scientific Director of the CEITEC MU centre, will chair the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic from 10 December. He has been a member of the board for four years, and has now been appointed by the government to head this institution, which distributes funding for basic research projects. We are preparing an interview with Jaroslav Koča for you.

In mid-October, Jana Klánová, Director of the RECETOX Centre of the MU Faculty of Science, was elected as a member of the Research Council of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, which supports research, experimental development and innovation.


Science and research

International evaluation of the faculty

As part of the evaluation of research quality at institutions in the Czech Republic (Methodology 17+), Masaryk University, including our faculty, has recently undergone a demanding evaluation process by an international evaluation panel (MEP). The Faculty of Science is the strongest faculty in the university and, in spring, we submitted a self-assessment report for Module III (Social Relevance). This report, along with the current situation and strategic plans for the faculty, were widely discussed in an online meeting with the MEP on 11 November 2020. Dean Tomáš Kašparovský, Vice-Deans Luděk Bláha and Jaromír Leichmann, Department Directors Prof. Jana Klánová and Prof. Jaroslav Koča, and the Faculty bursar Roman Čermák participated in the meeting on behalf of the faculty. The results of this comprehensive evaluation will determine the funding of universities in the Czech Republic over the next six years. We believe that the excellent results of our faculty will contribute to the success of the entire university.

For your information

Elections to the MU Academic Senate

Between 23 and 30 November 2020, voting took place in the Academic Senate of Masaryk University (AS MU). At the time of closing this newsletter, the election results had not yet been made official (this will only happen after the deadline for filing complaints). You can see the unofficial results directly in the election application.


From the history of the faculty

We celebrate 100 years since the first lecture at the faculty

Recently it has been exactly 100 years since the day when teaching began at our faculty. On October 19, 1920, as the oldest faculty of science in former Czechoslovakia, PřF MU began its primary, educational mission with the first lecture. Over the past hundred years, it has prepared thousands of scientists, professionals, science and mathematics teachers for their professional life, a benefit that benefits our entire society; a result that the faculty can be justifiably proud of, as well as a success worth remembering on this jubilee day.



We are testing how our modification of nanofibre filters will withstand industrial use

Our experts have devised a technique that facilitates the production of nanofibre mask filters. Now, with the help of a grant from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR), they are verifying how the plasma-treated surface of the filter handles temperature fluctuations, storage and other "pitfalls" of commercial production. For more, see the interview below with David Pavliňák, research and development worker at the CEPLANT Centre.


For applicants

Open days

On Saturday, November 7, a traditional event for applicants Open Day took place, but this time online. Our faculty was visited virtually by over 350 applicants, who had the opportunity to learn more about our study programs, the admission procedure and university life in Brno. Current students of our faculty answered all questions enthusiastically and openly shared their previous experiences. Despite the impossibility of a personal presence at the faculty, the applicants all praised the event, and that is the most important thing for us.

We are now planning open days for applicants on Saturday 23rd and Tuesday 26th January 2021. Due to the uncertain development of the coronavirus epidemic, these events will also be online. Applicants will once again have the opportunity to discuss issues with current students in live broadcasts. In addition, we would like to prepare video guides to the faculty campuses to show applicants what our faculty looks like.

HR Award News at MUNI SCI in the second half of 2020

We have achieved an important milestone of the HR Award MUNI SCI

We crossed together a project milestone in implementing the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers - HRS4R, HR Award at the Faculty of Science MU: We have submitted Self-Evaluation after 2 years to the European Commission – the Internal Review and the Revised Action Plan.

The following activities in the last 6 months helped us to reach this phase.

In October 2020, the employees and Ph.D. students expressed their views on employee care in the Employee Survey. They significantly contributed to new ideas and priorities for the revised HR Award Action Plan 2021-23. Thank you to all who replied. Many suggestions were included in the plan for the coming 3 years...


From the history of the faculty

It was like a revelation. Suddenly you could get in a car and go abroad at any time.

Interview with Eduard Fuchs on November 17, 1989 and the period before and after him. About the atmosphere at the faculty under socialism, stormy November and the first trips abroad.



I would like to run my own laboratory one day, but I know it will cost a lot of effort, work and time

Our graduate Hana Sedláčková has been very successfully involved in biomolecular research as a high school student. For completely new knowledge in the field of characterization of the RECQ4 protein, she received, for example, the Czech Header award in the GENUS category (2011) or the prestigious international award The Undergraduate Awards (2015), which is also referred to as the Nobel Prize for Young Scientists. 



Researchers' Night

Enjoy the non-traditional Researchers' Night, this time on the theme of "Humans and Robots". This year we have prepared a program for you completely online

The interactive program for this event will be available until the end of 2020, ensuring that you have enough time to see all the places that interest you. Our faculty has prepared a number of short popularisation videos for Researchers' Night. Through these videos, you will move back to the ancient past while discovering the Haban burial ground, visit Antarctica without leaving the warmth of your home, fly through space or becoming a detective. You will find these and much more in the virtual rooms on the campus and at Kotlářská.

At this point, the faculty organiser would like to thank all participants who helped in the creation of these videos. Though their creation was time consuming, everyone approached this task responsibly. As a result, our faculty now has a series of videos that the various institutes and workplaces can use for their own promotion in the future. Thank you!

For your information

Online tutorials

As it was already clear before the beginning of the semester that teaching in this academic year will take place mainly online, the Office for Information and Communications Technologies has prepared a special section on our website where you can find instructions for online teaching and online testing.


For your information

A kindergarten for MU employee's children close to campus

We want to remind you of the possibility of registering your child in the MU Bohunice Children's Group, in which the MU Faculty of Science participates together with other faculties of the Campus. Currently, we are exploring, in cooperation with other MU faculties, a similar possibility close to Kotlářská premises.


Current news

New entrance to Kotlářská

From Monday, December 7, you can use the new gate from Kounicova Street to enter our faculty at Kotlářská. The gate is open on weekdays from 6:00 to 18:15. Outside this time, and on weekends and holidays, the gate will be electronically closed. You must use an employee card or an ISIC card to enter.

Dean thanks

Thanks to all blood donors

As part of a questionnaire survey sent to employees this autumn, we found out that we have 84 blood donors at the faculty, of which 43 donated blood this year. We really appreciate every drop of blood donated as this helps save lives – especially this year, which has been very challenging for everyone. At this point, we would like to highlight our donor’s willingness to volunteer their help, for which they deserve a big thank you. To show our thanks, the faculty is presenting this year’s blood donors with a special Christmas gift, commensurate with their current number of donations.

For your information

New orientation system on campus

You may have already noticed that the campus orientation system is changing. Changes to the information boards and related changes in the marking of individual buildings forms part of the university’s transition to a new unified visual style. The new signage will be simpler and easier to understand for campus visitors.


For your information

Employee portal

In October, a new internal communication tool was launched at the university - the Employee Portal. This is a signpost directory in which you will find important information across information systems and workplaces, not only within our faculty but across the university.


For your information

Online exercise for MUNI staff and their children

Teachers from the University Sports Centre prepared online lectures on various types of physical activities. All MUNI staff can join the lectures free of charge.

Furthermore, the teachers from the University Sports Centre commence a new online exercise programme called Physical education – training for children, dedicated to MUNI staff children aged 6 to 14 years old. The programme takes place on the MS Teams platform every Friday from 11:30 am till 12:30 pm until further notice. 


For your information

Reconstruction in the botanical garden

Several investment projects took place at the MU Faculty of Science’s Botanical Garden this year. The public toilets were rebuilt in the Spring. Photogallery.

In May, reconstruction of the tropical plant greenhouse was started, during which the glazing was replaced, the steel structures painted and electrical installation work carried out. The completed greenhouse was then replanted between October and November. Photogallery 1 and photogallery 2.

In November, the construction of a storage tank for rainwater harvesting was completed. Rainwater is pumped into an existing tank in the greenhouse and this is used for watering the plants. This project was co-financed by the European Union’s Cohesion Fund under the Operational Program Environment. Photogallery.

For your information

Past and future events

Unfortunately, we were unable to organise faculty events with personal participation this year. Campus Day or the MjUNI Children's University, for example, which are normally held on campus in May, were cancelled or moved to next year. Likewise, there was no garden party at Kotlářská in September, and no BBQ with Deans on campus. Originally planned for May, and then for September 2020, the Dean’s Awards ceremony for the best students of the faculty had to be cancelled twice. Finally, the December festive lighting of the Christmas tree at Kotlářská was also cancelled.

This year, on October 19, we celebrated exactly 100 years since teaching began at our faculty. To mark this anniversary, we had planned a ceremonial presentation of commemorative medals to personalities who have contributed to the development of the faculty, however, this has also had to be moved to 2021.

Planning faculty events is currently very difficult; however, we firmly hope that the new year will bring new opportunities and that we will be able to meet together once again at one of these occasions, perhaps at the faculty ball, which we are currently preparing for March 4, 2021.


Past events

PhD Day

On October 9, 2020, we hosted the PhD Day event at the Faculty of Science MU again, in the online form this time.

This year, our agenda was slightly different from the last year, as our PhD Day extended the MU Joint PhD Day by our Faculty-specific matters. Presentations and videos prepared by MU offered a general orientation to all doctoral students across the MU. We covered topics such as current mobility requirements, funding opportunities and students´ experience, highlights from libraries at both Bohunice and Kotlarska campuses, recent actions taken in enhancing the quality of doctoral studies, and of course, FAQs.


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