Portál pro zaměstnance

In October, a new internal communication tool was launched at the university - the Employee Portal. This is a signpost directory in which you will find important information across information systems and workplaces, not only within our faculty but across the university.

5 Dec 2020

One of the key functions of the portal is the aggregation of important news of importance to you from all corners of the university. You can find the news in the applications ‘DON´T MISS’ (always two reports, one from the university and one from the faculty) and ‘NEWS’ (you can set which workplaces you want to follow the news from). More information.

All static content is located in the portal under a six-item basic menu. Under the terms ‘About us’, ‘About me’, ‘Research’, ‘Teaching’, ‘Administration and Operations and ‘Services’, you will find further breakdowns and, when the portal is finally completed, this part of the website will contain all (internal) information important for Masaryk University employees. At present, you can already find information and links to applications that will simplify your daily work.

Information concerning faculty specifics can be found on individual pages in the block marked with the icon and name of our Faculty of Science or the given Department. For example, if you are looking for information on human resources, you can click in the menu as follows: Administration and operations -> Administration -> Human resources. On the displayed page, you will first see a block of information that is valid for our faculty, and below it a block of information that is valid for the entire university. More information on the static content.

The Employee Portal also contains the profiles of all persons employed at MU. This will include, among other things, their business telephone numbers or an overview of absences for the next 10 days. All available information will be displayed in one place, even if the person in question has more than one job at different MU faculties / workplaces. More information.

 The portal also allows quick access to unread e-mails and your calendar straight from the main page by clicking on the required INET section (just click on the menu item ‘About me’).

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