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Newsletter for employees

An introductory word from the Dean

Dear colleagues,

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my greetings at the beginning of the new semester.

The central theme that has resonated since the beginning of the new year, not only at our faculty, is the strengthening of the safety of students and employees. I am pleased to announce that we have prepared a series of security measures for the entire university, which include, among other things, an early warning system using SMS or the creation of a database of MU crisis contacts for the Police of the Czech Republic in the event of a direct threat. 

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Five personalities from the Faculty of Science receive MUNI medals

On January 31, 2024, in the Karel Engliš Great Hall at the MUNI Faculty of Law, MUNI medals were presented to five personalities from our faculty on the occasion of the 105th anniversary of the founding of Masaryk University.

Masaryk University’s gold medal was awarded to Professors Jaromír Leichmann and Jan Slovak, while the silver medal was awarded to Professors Jana Musilová, Jan Šmarda, and one of our graduates, Mgr. Iva Zlatušková. Below, you can read a short biography of each from the event brochure. Congratulations to all the awardees.

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Dean Tomáš Kašparovský has been elected as the new chairperson of the Council of Higher Education Institutions

The Assembly of the Council of Higher Education Institutions has elected Tomáš Kašparovský, Dean of Masaryk University’s Faculty of Science, as its new chairperson for the period 2024 to 2026. He received 163 out of a total of 189 votes.

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A multi-layered personality, Jana Šmardová. Jana’s book, ‘What Tumours Teach Us’, has now been published in English

On January 17, 2024, the English edition of the book ‘What Tumors Teach Us: Parallels in the Behaviour of Cells and People’ by Jana Šmardová († August 31, 2023) was launched. In this article, you will also learn that the teaching of her course, ‘Tumor Biology for Everyone − or Cell Philosophy’, continues to be taught.

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Scientists are heading to Antarctica on Masaryk University’s 20th expedition

A total of 24 participants, including three women, will take part in Masaryk University’s 20th expedition to Antarctica. Most of the expedition (around two months) will be spent at the J.G. Mendel Czech Antarctic Station on James Ross Island. During their stay, as well as their normal research activities, the participants will be testing new devices, instruments and equipment. In addition, Czech Television will be filming a documentary on Czech Antarctic research.

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Martin Černohorský has passed away. We honor his memory

Professor Martin Černohorský, an eminent physicist and expert in physics education, who connected his academic and professional life with the MU Faculty of Science, passed away on February 9, 2024 at the age of one hundred.

The Data Analytics study programme will help students acquire the habit of thinking mathematically and working with data in a sophisticated manner, says Jan Slovák

The new Data Analytics study programme is designed to help applicants who want to be successful in the field of data analysis. It is a hybrid programme, built on “learning by doing” closely connected with practice in the commercial sector. Why study Data Analytics at MUNI? What will cooperation bring to our industrial partners? We asked Professor Jan Slovák, the guarantor of the programme.

Interview with Jan Slovák

MASH Junior Star 2024 winners announced

The Grant Agency of Masaryk University (GAMU) has announced the names of two young scientists who will receive MASH Junior Star grants for promising MU researchers who have recently completed their postgraduate studies.

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Scientists have discovered the essence of nanoluciferase, now it can shine more brightly

Research into the luminescent enzyme nanoluciferase, being carried out by experts from Brno’s Masaryk University and the International Centre for Clinical Research (ICRC), opens new possibilities for its use in the fields of drug testing and tumour research.

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Naturalists to suggest how to better protect migrating birds and bats from cars on roads.

Fatal collisions between animals and moving cars are becoming more and more frequent. Unfortunately, more than 10% of bird and bat populations die on the roads. Researchers from the Faculty of Science at Masaryk University have now embarked on a project that could significantly change this disagreeable trend. The aim of the project is to create an electronic map of high risk areas and to design effective protective walls along the roads.

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How is biodiversity developing in running waters? Research undertaken by our hydrobiologists is providing answers

The diversity of species is one of the fundamental topics of research carried out at the Department of Botany and Zoology. In this article, we present their surprising results on the biodiversity of running waters at both Czech and European scales.

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Astrophysicists discover that dust in galaxies affects their distance measurements in the Universe

Dust around galactic nuclei significantly affects the measurement of their distances in the Universe. This was discovered by a team of physicists led by Michal Zajaček from the Masaryk University in Brno, who analyzed ultraviolet and X-ray data from a set of 58 active galaxies.

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Alarming discovery: Pesticides found in the Arctic atmosphere raise concerns over their long-distance travel and slow degradation

A new international study conducted by more than 30 institutions across 17 countries, including the RECETOX Centre at Masaryk University, has revealed a startling phenomenon: the long-range atmospheric transport of 22 pesticides, seven of which were previously banned. The detection of these pesticides in the Arctic and in the free troposphere over the European continent emphasizes their ability to travel vast distances through the air and their unexpectedly slow degradation in the environment.

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Career Restart for female scientists from MU Faculty of Science

The Grant Agency of Masaryk University (GAMU) awarded four out of twelve Career Restart grants to female scientists from our faculty. Martina Dvořáčková, Flavia Landucci, Petra Kolísková and Anežka Sharma were awarded one of the most important grants to support the research work of women. Congratulations!

Years 2023 and 2024 with HR Excellence in Research Award SCI MUNI: Priorities and Award Renewal

In the past year 2023, we completed multiple planned tasks of the HRS4R action plan of the Faculty of Science MU. For example, we focused on the new training concept and its transfer to the practical life of the faculty, digitization of Onboarding, information security, and, last but not least, we started preparations for the Renewal of the HR Excellence in Research Award, where we gathered opinions and suggestions on topics of the new action plan in a questionnaire survey.

Take a look back with us at where we have made progress and what we are planning for 2024.

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The Jaroslav Heyrovský Foundation Award for Molecular Biology goes to the Faculty of Science

The Jaroslav Heyrovský Foundation Prize in the Molecular Biology category for 2023 was awarded to high school student Tereza Šustrová and her supervisor Martin Marek from the Loschmidt Laboratories at the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University, where the young researcher developed a project as part of the Secondary School Professional Activity.

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Novinky z Centra jazykového vzdělávání na Přírodovědecké fakultě MU

Erasmus preparation: A new English course for studying abroad

The Language Centre at the Faculty of Science is launching a new course, English for International Mobility and Erasmus (JAERA), starting from the spring semester of 2024. This initiative stems from the feedback of students themselves, who often express difficulties navigating the paperwork associated with foreign trips. The course primarily focuses on language preparation for study stays or internships abroad, but it also welcomes students who have previously participated in an exchange or those who simply want to improve and practice their English skills.

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The deans of the faculties of science discuss the training of future teachers

At a two-day meeting in Hradec Králové, members of the Association of Deans of Science Faculties discussed the lack of science teachers in primary and secondary schools.

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Open Days at SCI MUNI attracted thousand of students

More than 1 000 students, not only final year students, visited the Open Days of the Faculty of Science of MU, which took place on Saturday 27 January and Tuesday 30 January at the University Campus in Bohunice and the Kotlářská campus. All our institutes opened the doors of their halls, lecture halls and laboratories. The guarantors of all disciplines prepared their own programme, presentations and discussions with students.

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Crisis Management Beyond the Arctic Circle

The Crisis Management Beyond the Arctic Circle training focusing on the communication and psychologic aspects of excellent long-term field research took place at the Faculty Science of MU shortly after the New Year 2024.

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Results of the MUNI Faculty of Science Questionnaire Survey conducted in October 2023

In connection with an important milestone in the implementation of the Faculty HR strategy - the Renewal of the HR Excellence in Research Award, which the Faculty is expecting in 2024, we addressed the employees of the Faculty with a request to fill in an anonymous online questionnaire.

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Ongoing Competitions and Awards

  • Medal of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
  • Louis-Jeantet Prizes
  • Neuron Prizes
  • Dean's Award of the Faculty of Science MU
  • Start-up grant of the Experientia Foundation
  • Experientia Foundation grant for a foreign internship
  • Balzan Prizes
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Events calendar

22 – 23 May

MSCA-PF Workshop (Improve)

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23 May

Elucidating the functional impact of the tumour microenvironment on mTOR signalling in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

Speaker: prof. Alison Michie

In English

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23 May

The Making of MicroRNA (Seminar Series)

Mendel´s refectory in the Mendel Museum Brno

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27 – 31 May

18th Czech – Slovak Spectroscopy Conference (18 CSSK) and the Mössbauer Spectroscopy in Materials Science (MSMS) conference

The joint scientific conferences are held under the auspices of the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, prof. Tomáš Kašparovský and the Czech Commission for UNESCO.

Part of the 18th CSSK is the microsymposium Recent progress in Vibrational Spectroscopy – 50 Years of Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy. The microsymposium is connected with the 65th anniversary of the death of the prominent physicist Adolf Smekal, who theoretically predicted the Raman effect.

The program also includes awarding important scientific personalities. The Medals bear the names of famous historical scientific personalities: Ioannes Marcus Marci of Kronland and Nicolaus Konkoly-Thege.

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29 May

Student Geological Conference

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30 May

120 Seconds: Meet brnoregion microscopy

Do you deal with electron microscopy or work indirectly with its results? Come to the Brnoregion Microscopy Community biannual meeting to meet old friends, get new contacts, inspiration and introduce your work to partners.

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31 May – 9 Jun

Carnivorous plants exhibition

Sales exhibition Carnivorous Plants, during which you will also be welcome to attend interesting lectures on carnivorous plants.

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31 May

Cancer cell plasticity as a therapeutic target

Speaker: Mgr. Karel Souček, Ph.D.

In English

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1 Jun

Botanical field trip to the Vratíkov Karst near Boskovice

Botanical excursion | We will meet at 9:35 in Boskovice at the train station

Guides: Pavel Lustyk and Pavel Novák

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3 – 4 Jun

Climate and Migration: Historical and Present Perspectives

We would like to invite you to the international workshop Climate and Migration: Historical and Present Perspectives. The workshop will be held on 3-4 June 2024 at the Institute of Geography, Faculty of Science, MU. The event is organized by GÚ PřF MU and research group CRIAS PAGES. In addition to the director of the GÚ, the Czech Geographical Society also granted patronage.

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12 Jun

Dean's Awards 2024

Dean Tomáš Kašparovský will present awards to the best students of the Faculty of Science of MU. This year's Dean's Awards will be presented to the winners in the category of the Best Bachelor's and Master's Student and to promising scientists in the category of the Best Doctoral Student. It will also recognize a collective of outstanding students.

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9 – 13 Jul


Conference ESCAMPIG (Europhysics Conference on Atomic and Molecular Physics and Ionized Gases) will be held in Czechia for the first time in Brno at Božetěchova campus of Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology. Department of Plasma Physics and Technology of Masaryk University, the CEPLANT center, and the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists are the event organizers.

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10 – 14 Sep

5th Conference on Slope Tectonics

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