"Geology in the heart of Europe"


Archives of ancient marine environments at the contact of the Bohemian Massif
and Western Carpathians

All-day field trip
  1. Sloup village and Sloup-Šošůvka caves: Late Devonian reefoidal limestones (Variscan preorogenic sedimentation)
  2. Old Quarry near Šošůvka: Early Carboniferous slope siliciclastics (Variscan flysch sedimentation)
  3. Malý Chlum hill: Late Cretaceous epicontinental siliciclastics (platform cover of the Bohemian Massif)
  4. Turold quarry: Late Jurassic and Late Cretaceous carbonates (Western Carpathian preorogenic sedimentation)
  5. Old quarry at Boleradice: Oligocene slope and basin siliciclastics (Western Carpathian flysch sedimentation)
  6. Mušov sandpit: Miocene algal limestones (Western Carpathian molasse sediments)

Nedvědice-Rožná excursion profile – mineralogical and petrological localities
on the boundary between Strážek Moldanubicum and Svratka Crystalline Complex

All-day filed trip
  1. Nedvědice: Nedvědice blue marbles and Ca-skarns
  2. Pernštejn I: metamorphosed tourmalinites in mica schists, outcrops of tourmalinite belt
  3. Pernštejn II: quarry with Fe-skarns in mica-garnet schists, old iron mining
  4. Věžná I: beryl-columbite pegmatite in serpentinites, desilicated pegmatite dike with rare element mineralization
  5. Věžná II: serpentinite rocks with late fissure mineralization, serpentinite quarry, Skalka potential radioactive waste store
  6. Rožná: complex Li-pegmatite of lepidolite subtype, large pegmatite dike at Hradisko and Borovina hill (type locality of lepidolite)
  7. Rožná I: above-ground part of the oldest active uranium mine in the world

Terrestrial and deltaic siliciclastic sediments in southeastern part of Bohemian Massif
and in Carpathian Foredeep

All-day filed trip
  1. Brno - Červený kopec profile: Lower-middle Devonian alluvial sediments on Brunovistulicum
  2. Čebínka hill: Lower Permian alluvial and floodplain sediments an eastern part Boskovice graben (Variscan molasse intramountaine basin)
  3. Železné old quarry and Tišnov: Lower Permian alluvial sediments an western part Boskovice graben (Variscian molasse intramountaine basin) and their sources
  4. Bačov village and old quarry: Lower Permian lacustrine and floodplain sediments and their fossil record in central part Boskovice graben (Variscian molasse intramountaine basin)
  5. Barová Cave and Býčí Cave: palaeontological excavation, pleistocene profiles and cave excursion to inaccessible parts of the cave system; necessary equipment for excursion: helmet, headlamp, hiking boots, clothes suitable for caving (7°C and clayey soil, possibility of dirty clothes), and of course lack of claustrophobia
  6. Luleč: Lower Carboniferous coarsegrained fan deltaic sediments in Variscian flysh unit
  7. Nemojany old sandpit: Miocene (Lower Badenian) coarsegrained fan deltaic sediments on northwestern margin of Carpathian Foredeep.

Geological Brno City Tour: from proterozoic to quaternary rocks

All-day field trip
  1. Špilberk castle and Petrov hill: proterozoic volcanic metabazite zone of Brno Batholith
  2. Stránská rock: mesozoic marine coral limestones with hornstones, crinoidal limestones, prehistoric mining of hornstones
  3. Hády old quarry: variscian orogeny in proterozoic limestone profile in Líšeň formation of Moravian Karst, transgresiv of juraisic rocks
  4. City tour: Historical utilization of geological material in local great historical builiding
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