polymer monoliths – Jiří Urban



That’s the one thing I like about polymer monoliths the most.

By proper selection of polymerization mixture composition or careful post-polymerization modification, one can prepare not only chromatographic stationary phases, but also enzymatic reactors, sample preparation units, derivatization cartriges, and mechanical valves.

In my research, I focus on tailored preparation of monolithic stationary phases and their specific application in various separation problems.

We are working on the preparation of polymer-based monolithic capillary columns allowing chromatographic screening of dopamine metabolism-related disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease. We have also developed a monolithic capillary column with an integrated electrochemical detector for a specific determination of neurotransmitters in human urine. I am a co-author of the very first publications dealing with a hypercrosslinking modification of polymer monoliths and their application in fast and efficient separations of small molecules.

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