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pmCSTeX for EPM requires editor EPM 6.03b. If you have

Pokud nemate EPM verze 6.03b, pak si ho muzete stahnout:

Vsechny moje znalosti o EPM jsem sepsal do manualu k pmCSTeXu for EPM. Je tam popsano jak instalovat makra, jak je prekladat, jak udelat obarvovani klicovych slov, jsou tam ruzne FAQ... Pokud neTeXujete, ale presto pouzivate EPM, bude vas to jiste zajimat take, takze pro Vas jsem tento manual prikopiroval.

Dictionaries for EPM (and IBM Works)

IBM gives the BonusPak CD-ROM free with many of the Warp packages, but not with all of them (e.g. it is missing in Merlin CZ). Since there are people asking me to send them a dictionary, I'm putting some dictionaries from the BonusPak CD-ROM of blue Warp US 3.0 (noConnect) here. I hope that this does not violate any copyright, but making better service for the Warp users:

Note: the following languages are on that CD-ROM: BR, CF, DK, FR, GR, IT, LA, NL, NO, PO, SP, SU, SV, UK, US.

But---shame to IBM: the Czech dictionary is not available yet, after more than one year of "localized" Warp!

Related topics

Some users wrote me that their oslexam does not work with their dictionaries. You may try to download that oslexam.dll which I use. It has 106991 B and it is dated 24.05.93.

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