Visitor Rules

BOTANICAL GARDEN IS OPEN FROM APRIL 1 TO SEPTEMBER 30, FROM 9 AM TO 5 PM. FROM OCTOBER 1 TO MARCH 31, IT IS OPEN FROM 9 AM TO 3 PM. The opening hours are extended during exhibitions. GUIDED EXCURSIONS MUST BE ORDERED IN ADVANCE. Guided tours are not provided at the time of the exhibition. 

  • Entrance to the garden is free, but a fee is charged for visits to the greenhouses (see the price list).
  • Members of the Association of Friends of the Botanical Garden, employees and students of the Faculty of Science MU and children under 6 years of age have free access to greenhouses. 
  • Children up to 14 years are allowed to enter the garden only if accompanied by an adult who is responsible for their appropriate behaviour. The Botanical Garden does not take any responsibility for damages caused by children or injuries due to insufficient supervision. Children are not allowed to play, run or turn on water taps in the garden. 
  • Persons who are drunk or behave inappropriately are not allowed to enter the garden. It is also not allowed to enter the garden with a bicycle, dog or roller skates. Visitors are asked to avoid disturbing other guests. 
  • The visitors are not allowed to walk outside the paths or paved areas, climb rock gardens or stone sculptures, enter flower-beds, lawns and pools, open or close water taps, throw stones on lawns or in pools, move garden furniture and step on the ice in winter. It is forbidden to pollute the garden in any way. Waste should be put into containers. The containers for sorted waste are at the gate of the Faculty of Science campus. 
  • If the public toilet is closed, the key is available upon request from the greenhouse service. There is no barrier-free toilet in the garden. On weekdays, it is possible to use a barrier-free toilet in the Faculty of Science buildings. 
  • It is forbidden to smoke or throw cigarette butts on the ground. 
  • It is not allowed to damage plants or to collect seeds and fruits. Please note that some cultivated plants are poisonous or can cause an allergic reaction after touching.
  • Gardeners cannot sell or donate plants, seedlings or any plant parts.
  • Taking photos and videos is free of charge for personal use only. Public presentation of the materials (at exhibitions, on the internet, in publications.) is possible only with the previous consent of the management of the Botanical Garden and reference to the Botanical Garden with its correct name. The use of such materials for commercial purposes may be subjected to a fee. 
  • The service can get the visitors not respecting these rules out of the garden, or call the Botanical Garden office, porter or municipal police.  
  • It is not allowed to enter or park vehicles in the Botanical Garden except for disabled persons. The area is wheelchair accessible, and the garden employees can help you any time. 
  • Wedding ceremonies are not possible in the Botanical Garden. Wedding guests can only take pictures, and only during regular opening hours: in the garden without agreement, if they respect the rules of operation, and in greenhouses for a modest fee (for space reasons only a limited number of people, 4-5). 
  • Any orders of excursions, inquiries, wishes and complaints should be directed to the Office of the Botanical Garden, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Kotlářská 2, CZ-611 37, tel .: +420 549 495 660, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..