Laboratory of molecular systematics

We are capable to make common operation e.g. isolation, electrophoresis, concentration measurment, quantification and hybridization of DNA, RNA and proteins as well as amplification DNA and RNA, cloning of DNA fragments in bacteria, C0t analysis, etc... and we have appropriate equipment. We have also a GMO laboratory with certificate of the Ministry of Environment.

The central laboratory table for preparing samples with the Sonicator

The central laboratory table for preparing samples

Laboratory of plant flow cytometry

Specialises in detection of relative and absolute nuclear DNA contents and AT/GC genomic ratios in various plant genera using seven flow cytometers (CyFlow ML/200 mW green laser for measurement of extra small genomes, two pairs of CyFlow ML/UV-LED source & CyFlow ML/100 mW green laser used in coprocessing measurements of genomic GC content, CyFlow ML/100 mW green laser and Ploidy Analyser PA-1/HBO-lamp).

Cytometric laboratory 1

Cytometric laboratory 2

Room for sample preparation

Karyological laboratory

Specialises in chromosome counting and epifluorescence visualization and documentation of tissues. Computer connected to the microscope is equipped by the Cell^F program and is frequently used for stomatal size measurement.

The main part of the laboratory with microscopes Olympus BX-51 and Olympus SZH10
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